Dodge Bullets And Strike Back In Grid-Based Trestle

trestle 1

Sets and Settings, the developer behind Irrupt, is back again with new footage of their upcoming arcade/puzzle/shooter/space/Mega Man Battle Network-inspired game, Trestle. Taking place in this nondescript cyberspace, you’re in control of a gun-toting hero whose costume reminds me of the original Mega Man Box Art if he were stuck in a dystopian society intent on wearing only shades of blue. Also, Jerry Seinfeld dressed up in a penis outfit isn’t a bad analogy.

Regardless of the character’s garb, Trestle is a shooter built around shifting tiles quickly as you dodge the onslaught of incoming bullets from enemies placed on the other side of the grid. Various different types will affect which tiles you can jump to and fire myriad projectiles at you. It looks like a non-stop series of manic motion that doesn’t leave you much room for error.

trestle 2

As you’re quickly bobbing and weaving, you also pick up new weapons to use against the enemies facing off against you. The new gameplay showed tiny blaster fire, boomerang discs and, of course, everyone’s favorite: the ludicrously overpowered flamethrower that basically fills up the entire screen.

All your firearms only fire within the row that you fire them, so more nimble enemies may prove a tad more difficult than the stationary folk, who are content to piddle away their lives while missiles assault their robotic bodies. Only a few combatants are shown in the trailer, but Sets and Settings’ Trestle Tumblr page shows a few more, including an elite enemy that shoots projectiles while creating fire pillars on your side.

trestle 3

There also appear to be a few unlockable characters for you to control, including Irrupt’s Astronaut and Emma Jones from Glass Bottom Games’ Jones on Fire. Nods to other indie games is a pretty common occurrence at this point, but that doesn’t mean it has worn out its welcome at all.

Trestle looks like an enjoyable nod to a franchise dormant for nearly eight years now. Most of the gameplay in this footage looks like what you can expect in the final build, which Andrew Nissen and Folmer Kelly hope to release early this year. Even if the gameplay isn’t your cup of tea, at the very least, you can enjoy the ramblings of a Scotsman providing his own play-by-play in the video below.

Trestle is set for release in early 2014, and more info can be found on the game’s tumblr page. In the meantime, you can play their small shooter, Ratchet Head, over on Game Jolt.

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