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Dear Indie Statik readers,

In light of recent events, we feel we owe the community both an apology and some clarification as to what is happening next.

On Monday, it was brought to the attention of our staff, and the community at large, that our CEO and founder, Josh Mattingly, made some extremely inappropriate remarks to a female game developer. Josh has offered an apology for his behavior, which you can read here.

The rest of the staff has been truly devastated by his actions. We do not condone this type of behavior, within our own staff or in the industry at large, and we are sorry for the discomfort and the confusion this has caused. We also want to assure our readers – gamers, developers and critics alike – that they can feel safe interacting with us and should not hesitate to contact us about any concerns they have regarding this matter.

Josh’s actions do not reflect on our writers as individuals, or the mission of Indie Statik, and we hope our readers will understand.

This does not mean his actions will go without consequence. For the sake of the community and our website, we felt it was best for Josh to remain out of the picture for a while.

Josh will be stepping down from his responsibilities at Indie Statik for the immediate future to focus on his mental health and recovery and work on truly understanding the gravity of his mistake. In the interim, the website will still continue business as usual, with some changes to its internal structure.

Part of this change includes editor-in-chief and co-founder Chris Priestman’s decision to depart from Indie Statik. Chris is one of the most devoted writers and indie game advocates we’ve ever known, and it saddens us all to see him go. However, we respect his choice and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

In Josh’s absence, David DeCarmine of Game Jolt will work on keeping the site stable and running. Meanwhile, Chloi Rad will be stepping up to maintain the same quality of work that Chris had as the site’s new editor-in-chief.

Our writers are passionate and dedicated and will continue covering the same small indie gems that we’ve always loved. Our goal will always remain to push the indie community forward in a positive way. Thank you so much for supporting us.


The Indie Statik Staff

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