The Indie Gala January Has Ballpoint Universe, Two Brothers, Deadly Premonition

The Indie Gala January

The Indie Gala January is a bit of a mix of questionable and worthwhile indie games, but the ones that we’ve deemed good enough to check out are certainly worth the asking price, and there are a few of them, so you might want to consider picking it up.

There are a total of eight games in The Indie Gala January that are then split into two tiers. For a minimum of a dollar, you can pick up three games, two of which I don’t know anything about, but the other one is Two Brothers, which is worth way more than a dollar, and I covered why that’s the case in my impressions.

The second tier, which will set you back just $5.19 (or more), contains an extra five games to add to those previous three. In this little collection, there is platformer/shmup hybrid Ballpoint Universe Infinite, which I’ve written praise for before. Then you have Tales of Maj’Eyal, which Dom called “the best roguelike you’ve never played.” You’ll also get the Director’s Cut version of cult bad game Deadly Premonition, which was recently added. There are a couple more games yet to be added to the top tier of the Gala, too.

That’s all there is to be said about The Indie Gala January. In our opinion, it’s worth picking up for those few games, at least. You can see the full listing of the bundle below, with links to pages with more information on each, as well as platform listings for each of them. Obviously, you’ll need to head over to The Indie Gala website to purchase the bundle.

Pay the minimum of $1 to get the following three games:

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