You’re A Cat. Make A Mess. Two Minutes: Catlateral Damage

Catlateral Damage

You only have two minutes, but being a particularly crazy house cat with an eye for destruction, you can make one hell of a mess in Catlateral Damage (thanks AlphaBetaGamer). Why would you do this your loving owners? You’re a cat; what should you care if their TV, games consoles, clothes, lamps and robot toys end up in one big heap on the floor? Screw them. You’re a cat, and you do as you please.

Originally made for 7DFPS last year, Catlateral Damage is now being developed further by Chris Chung, and that means more rooms will be provided for us to make a mess in. I am very happy about that, honestly. Right now, all we have is a single bedroom to jump around in from the first-person view, which is great for now, but after a few goes, I wanted more rooms to explore. Heck, give me the whole house all at once and increase the time limit. Oh, and add some smashing sounds, yes! Meows, too?

“Feel what it’s like to be a mischievous cat and show your human who’s boss by eradicating his material belongings.”

In the single bedroom that the current playable alpha provides, there’s a walk-in wardrobe to explore, a bed, plenty of shelves, a bin full of waste paper and a couple of wooden units. All you have to do is use your paws to knock everything on the ground, which scores you points, and if you score enough within the two-minute time limit, then you’ll be told you’ve won. Don’t make enough mess, and you’ll fail, and boo to you, you stinking cat.

It took me three times of playing Catlateral Damage (two wins, one fail) to realize that you can do more than walk, jump and swing each front paw. It turns out that Shift allows you to sprint, which seems obvious now as it’s the same in a lot of games, but I genuinely never tried it. Thinking about it, sprinting and jumping should allow me to reach the shelf near the ceiling with the robot toys on. Fabulous.

The other thing you can do that I didn’t realize at first is being able to push both paws forward, and even hold them there as you walk, by pressing the middle mouse button. I’m willing to bet that with these extra moves, I could beat my best score so far easily. Not that I really need an excuse to play Catlateral Damage, considering you get to be a cat and all, but I’m going to take this as one and up my score.

I encourage you to do the same. It’s a fun little game about making a mess. What’s not to love? Below is my most recent mess for your perusal. What would you rate that? An eight, maybe? Rate my mess.

Catlateral Damage

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