Beard Of Awesome Is A Short Indie Game Documentary About Nicoll Hunt

Beard of Awesome

Nicoll Hunt, creator of Fist of Awesome, had five students from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham follow him around while he drank from mugs and wandered around in his pajamas. I think that’s what they call indie game development. These students weren’t just pestering Nicoll. No, they were actually filming him for a documentary, which they rather appropriately called Beard of Awesome.

It doesn’t cover Nicoll’s slightly disastrous “secret” iOS launch, but the seven-minute documentary does discover how Nicoll turned a Valentine’s game into one about punching bears with a beard. That would be Fist of Awesome, of course.

“A short student documentary about Nicoll Hunt, a Scottish independent game developer who created Fist of Awesome.”

Nicoll also divulges how he came to be in the position he currently is in, which is creating small games from his house about whatever the hell he wants. He seems to enjoy the fact that he can, and did, create a game in which there is a bear-themed strip club. He says that working in the bigger studios like he did before, he wouldn’t be able to have that creative freedom, and the bear strip club wouldn’t come to be. He does note that working in a bigger studio taught him a lot, especially when it comes to coding, and that it was good for experience, which ultimately fed into his capabilities as an indie game developer.

Another topic that Nicoll covers, or rather, a question that answers, is what he thinks an indie game developer is. He tells us all in his lovely Scottish accent that indie game developers are small teams with artistic freedom. He elaborates a little bit more on that, of course.

Give Beard of Awesome a watch below and watch out for that indie beard.

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