No Man’s Sky Is A Huge, Procedurally Generated Sci-Fi Exploration Sim

No Man's Sky

At Spike’s VGX tonight, four-man team Hello Games announced a seemingly huge, procedurally generated, first-person sci-fi exploration sim called No Man’s Sky. It’s quite the change from their light-hearted stunt bike Joe Danger titles.

Sean Murray from Hello Games took to the stage to unveil the new game, explaining that it’s a persistent multiplayer galaxy that you can explore at your own will, on land, sea, air and space.

“If you see the stars, those are real stars. They have their own planets around them, and you can go there,” Sean explained.

“We set out to make a game that challenges what it means to be next-gen…”

Impressively, every atom is said to be procedurally generated in No Man’s Sky, from the meteors flying through space to the underwater plants found on the planets, all of it undiscovered and waiting for you to pop on over and have a look around. There will be hostile forces acting against you at times, though; that much, we can see a brief glimpse of.

There’s clearly some impressive tech behind the game, given that the planets are diverse and detailed, as seen in the game’s announcement trailer. Forests, seas and deserts can all be spotted if you’re quick enough.

All of the gameplay in said trailer is apparently recorded in real-time, too. That would mean you can be on a planet’s surface one minute, then hop into a spaceship and take off into space seamlessly, and be fighting a huge frigate the next minute. There’s also a moment in the trailer when the player shoots a hole in a meteor with the cannons on their spaceship in order to fly through unharmed.

It seems almost too impressive to be believable, doesn’t it? Mind you, Sean did contact us yesterday while he was sitting in his hotel room in San Francisco, “pretty much broken,” with the following to say.

“The past few weeks have been completely insane. We’ve been working towards something really big, genuinely the biggest thing we’ve ever done by far. I’m basically terrified,” Sean writes.

No Man's Sky“But anyway, I wanted to let you know what we have planned. Tomorrow, during VGX, we’ve been given the amazing opportunity to show a trailer for our next game, which, until now, we’ve been calling Project Skyscraper. We’ve finally given it a name. It’s called No Man’s Sky.”

Sean then finishes with the following brief description of No Man’s Sky:

“It’s a science-fiction game, but it’s not like most other sci-fi games. We set out to make a game that challenges what it means to be next-gen, and what it means to be an indie title. It’s going to mess with people’s perceptions of Hello Games, and I have no idea how people will react. It’s different, and pretty much the furthest thing from what we’ve done before.”

We should have more details on No Man’s Sky soon. Keep an eye and an ear out.