Galactic Princess Is A Spaceship Survival Sandbox That Just Blew Me Away

Galactic Princess

Check out the pixels on Galactic Princess (thanks NeoGAF). Holy shit. That’s my only reaction. And the visuals of this spaceship survival sandbox game are probably the least exciting part. I’m not kidding. We’ve got a lot to get through. Let’s start with the story as that seems to be the most simple part. You have to travel through space to find the titular princess to restore peace AND rule the universe, apparently. I guess it’s peace under your dictatorship, then.

To embark on your epic quest, you’re going to need a spaceship. So, you’ll probably start off by building your ship out of big square blocks that slot together into any shape that you want. Strap on some engines as well, but make sure they give you some decent mobility so you can navigate space properly, unless you want to spin around in circles on the same spot for the entire game. Yes, there are physics in Galactic Princess, so you’ll need to make sure your ship is prepared for epic space travel at light speed.

“As smugglers, trade and sell merchandise, even illegal ones, such as spacedrugs or slaves. But beware of the Spacecops!”

Do note that if you want to improve your ship, then you’ll have to find parts for it during your travels. More powerful engines, generators, deadly weapons, medic systems, research labs, control panels – it all needs to found or traded for. Luckily, you play the captain of a smuggling ship, so a lot of goods will be offered to you.

Galactic Princess

Galactic PrincessYour spaceship isn’t much good without a crew, so your next task is going to be recruiting some folks to jump on board and play their roles. There are robot, aliens and humans, each with their own unique abilities, and each of which are ample for particular jobs on your ship. Droids can put out fires and fix machines. Some humans may be particularly good shots on the laser cannons, while the various aliens are good at researching new equipment and keeping a close eye on your slaves.

Yes, slaves. I told you that you own a smuggling ship, right? Your starting crew are smugglers, and by trading spacedrugs and slaves, you can earn some decent money. You just have to make sure you keep out of the way of the Spacecops. They’re not the only ones you’ll have to look out for, though. Not only do you have the typical violence that often comes with criminal activity and greed, but some of your crew may have ulterior motives and suddenly turn on you. Perhaps they hate humans and just want to kill you, or perhaps they’re working for some other smugglers that want your cargo and ship parts.

“Mantis are vicious creatures. Their swarm is only composed of females (for obvious sexual cannibalism purposes)”

Galactic PrincessOn a more positive note, there are also pets such as cats, robot dogs, llamas and alien things that will keep you in good mental health and aid your crew members in performing their jobs. Your pets will cower if an enemy attacks you, so it’s up to you and your crew to fight them back, and they will board if you let them, at which point you better hope you’ve equipped your crew with the right weapons so they can fight back.

That’s all the information available on Galactic Princess at the moment, but what a game it’s adding up to be. It will be heading to Kickstarter soon, where I’m sure it will milk dollars from us humans, and it will also appear on Greenlight and be heading to Desura as well, it seems. But before we wrap up, there is on one more thing I’d like to add…

Call me sad, but I’m impressed by in-game zoom. I love being able to zoom in really, really close and really, really far to and from the action in games. That just impresses me. With that in mind, imagine my reaction to watching this gif of Galactic Princess’s zoom. I nearly fell of my chair. That’s what blew me away the most, because I’m sad. Alright, maybe the whole slave trading, ship building and crew management tickled my fancy too, a little bit.

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