Bloody Streets Will Spill Gore, Providing You Have Tactical Explosive Know-How

Bloody Streets

Upon checking my inbox today, I discovered a playable demo for a game called Bloody Streets. I was sold on the title alone. So, rather than look into it further and attempt to judge it based on screenshots, I surprised myself by playing the demo without knowing anything about the game. I need to do this more often, because I probably wouldn’t have played Bloody Streets had I known it was a cartoon-style top-down shooter that features lots of zombies. Turns out, it’s pretty fun to play, and there’s blood. Lots of blood.

It’s a badly kept secret that I’m impartial to games that feature lots of blood spraying and horrifically mangled corpses. It’s a terrible indulgence, I know, but shooting fleshy things can be darn satisfying. There are two problems with seeking this pleasure, though. I mean, outside of its risking you looking like a bit of a nutter if people walk in on you, laughing maniacally while slaughtering zombies, or whatever your guilt-ridden victims are.

“…you can lure zombies across the rails and see them splattered, which is great fun.”

The first problem is IT’S ALWAYS ZOMBIES. Ugh, zombies. I’ve shot more zombies than I’ve had dinners. Nothing wrong with the enemy being zombies, but there are just so many games that involve shooting zombies, aren’t there? What happened to people’s imagination? Give me some putrid monsters and crazed flesh-creeps to shoot or something. Just something else other than just zombies.

Fortunately, Bloody Streets does have more than zombies to mow down. It also has spiders that spit some disgusting liquid at you, and large maggots, and also zombies that run faster than the other fodder. It’s not a huge amount of variation, but it was enough to keep things interesting.

Bloody Streets

The second problem is that many of the shooters are designed in a way that isn’t as satisfying as it should be. It’s probably because they haven’t checked out JW’s tips on how to make action games feel better, in which case, they should definitely do that. As you may suspect, my point of saying this is that Bloody Streets DOES feel good. I think the crapper zombies could do with a little less health to make your shots feel a little bit better, in which case the apparent rule is to add MORE zombies. Well, yep, I’m just fine with that.

The best thing about Bloody Streets, however, is that it crams you into an arena with all of these enemies, and there’s barely any room to move at times. It’s a wave-based shooter, I should clarify, so once you clear the screen, a bunch more enemies slink in and start chasing you.

Your job, then, is not to just shoot the enemies away and see all the blood spill, because that would definitely get boring. Instead, you have to make the most of your environment.

“…you turn into a human buzzsaw and just spray blood everywhere.”

There are red barrels to blow up, which are very handy for clearing a little bit of space if you run out of grenades to do it for you (it’s even better if you combine grenades with red barrels). There are also trains that run across the levels every now and then. Now, obviously, these are a hazard to you first and foremost, but you can lure zombies across the rails and see them splattered, which is great fun. There are also switches on the floor that you can stand on. Doing this causes different things to happen, depending on the level, but the one I saw in the demo is spouting out fire and burning zombies to death.

Most of the time, you end up running between the various supply points in the hope that more ammo, grenades or health has spawned for you. You can also find extra guns to use lying around sometimes too, which are usually better than the shotgun or assault rifle you start off with. Oh, and probably the most fun part of the game is Rage Mode, which takes a little while to build up, but when used, you turn into a human buzzsaw and just spray blood everywhere.

Wow, I guess this game really did turn me into a bit of a psycho. But it’s fine, because the cartoon violence is acceptable and isn’t deemed graphic, despite the ridiculous amounts of gore. Looking at the screenshots, the game doesn’t look as smooth as it does in motion, so check out the trailer to get a better impression, despite its not really doing it much justice either.

Bloody Streets isn’t doing anything new. In fact, it’s doing something pretty old, but it feels good, and all the explosive possibilities of the environmental hazards are great. I’m not sure how long it would last in the long run as it seems to rely on achievements to prolong the repetition, but it feels adequate if you’re playing it for ten minutes here and there. Chuck it a vote up on Greenlight if you’d like to see it on Steam one day.

Bloody Streets

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