IndieGameStand Has 102 Indie Games On Sale For Cyber Monday


Not to be outdone by ShinyLoot and their boast of 100 games on sale, most of which no one has ever heard of, IndieGameStand has 102 indie games on sale today for Cyber Monday. But how are the pickings looking?

Well, I’ll tell you this much: I’m not a big fan of having to scroll through 102 games, eight at a time, because that’s how the pages are split up. But I’ve been through it and picked out some of the good games that you can get for cheap. I’ll collect my Iron Cross later, thanks.

In general, the 102 games on offer in IndieGameStand’s sale are MUCH better overall than at ShinyLoot, hence the much bigger list below. Most of these sales will end at 11:59PM EST on Monday, as in today. Some will, however, carry on until the end of the week, but there’s no information as to which ones.

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