Clone Vlambeer’s Games And Get Away With It In Vlambeer Clone Tycoon

Vlambeer Clone Tycoon

If you’re aware of Vlambeer and their games in any capacity, it’s pretty likely that you know of their troubles with people cloning their games. Ridiculous Fishing is one of the most notable examples as it was cloned on the App Store before being anywhere near finished. Now, you can play as one of the game cloners and attempt to shove your shoddy copycat games online before Vlambeer are able to in the very amusing Vlambeer Clone Tycoon.

Vlambeer Clone TycoonVlambeer Clone Tycoon is very easy to play and get started. You’re a new company looking to make a quick buck and realize that you don’t have to put much effort in to be able to do this. You simply target another game development company, find out what game they’re currently working on, and then try to make a clone before they’re able to finish it.

You start off by naming your company. I chose “HAMBEER.” Then you’re dumped into a computer screen with an inbox, web-based news feed, calculator, weather updates and GAME FAKER PRO 3000 at your disposal. You can check into any one of these things, but when you do so, time advances forward a month, and in this game, time is precious as your biggest advantage over Vlambeer is speed, rather than quality.

“…if you entirely clone Vlambeer’s game, then you’re risking the chance of being sued”

You’ll want to check in with the latest news first of all, so you go on to the web, where you’ve got “URAGAMER” (re: Eurogamer) bookmarked, and then look at their latest stories. Perhaps one of them links to another website, at which point you can click on the link to add another website to your bookmarks. The advantage of having more websites to check on your bookmarks is that you’re able to check for any news on upcoming Vlambeer games.

Vlambeer Clone Tycoon

If you do hear news of a game of theirs being in the works, you should then rush over to GAME FAKER PRO 3000 and start making your clone. You can choose how much effort to put in by flicking between entirely cloning Vlambeer’s game or ripping off an art student for the graphics, or just finding some crappy sounds, rather than copying the ones Vlambeeer are using. The less effort you put in, the quicker your game can be developed, and that gives you better chance of launching your clone before Vlambeer do.

However, if you entirely clone Vlambeer’s game, then you’re risking the chance of being sued by them and going to prison, at which point it is game over for you. So it’s best to change at least one thing, even if it’s what platform you bring the game out on. If you don’t put too much effort into making an original game and manage to get away with putting a clone out there, it’s likely that you’ll start receiving hate mail from people cursing you and calling you a rip-off.

You haven’t got time to read it all, though, as you’ve got to keep an eye on what Vlambeer is up to and try to beat them to launching their next game idea.

Vlambeer Clone Tycoon

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