From Creation To Cross: Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy

Jesus Christ RPG

When I attended infant and junior school, I remember there being some rather crude educational games that attempted to teach kids about the Christian faith by using stories derived from the Bible. There was a witch and a dragon in one of them, I seem to recall. Not that I’m in touch with this region of game development, but I don’t think many companies bother making games for kids that are intended to educate them about a religion any more. Not that the Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy is necessarily that, but it comes pretty close.

Jesus Christ RPGYou may not be sure what kind of angle the Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy takes upon its delve into the life of the leprosy-healing Jesus. Well, it’s not a negative one, let me reassure you. In fact, it’s more of a simple recreation of the apparent events that Jesus went through in his life according to the Bible, with the odd random encounter and necessity for party management thrown in. The three games, quite simply, cover the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in brief.

“He also needs to learn other miracles along his journey so that he can cure leprosy and bring eyesight back to the blind.”

The first game in the trilogy, entitled “Baby Jesus Christ RPG,” starts with Mary and Joseph being told by the Angel Gabriel that they’re going to become surrogate parents of the son of God. You play as Mary and head off to Bethlehem with Joseph as he needs to be part of a census, so um, yeah, that’s been changed a bit from the Bible, I think. In Bethlehem, there are no available spaces in the inn due to everyone arriving for the census, so you get snug in a stable, and that’s where Jesus is born. After this, you play as the folk who come to see Jesus, namely the three wise men.

After that, you then have “Jesus Christ RPG,” and last in the trilogy is “Rise Jesus Christ RPG.” Across these two games, Jesus is a fully grown man, acquires his disciples, spreads the word of God, performs miracles, has The Last Supper, is hung upon the cross, and then is resurrected afterwards.

Jesus Christ RPG

Consistent across all three of the games in the Jesus Christ RPG trilogy is travelling to and from towns, quite often. The overworld in which you travel between towns is where you can be attacked by robbers and magicians in random encounters. So when you do visit towns, you’ll want to ensure that you search chests to acquire fish and water that will heal your injured party members. While in towns, there’s usually a set of events that need to be followed to trigger the means of progression, and you’ll want to talk to the people in the town, usually.

Jesus doesn’t actually attack anyone directly in the game like his disciples and other characters do. Instead, he performs miracles in the turn-based battles, such as “Exorcism” that deal lots of damage, particularly against demons. He also needs to learn other miracles along his journey so that he can cure leprosy and bring eyesight back to the blind. It seems almost a little strange to recreate Jesus and the events he went through and shove them into the mechanics of a traditional RPG, but I dare say that it works.

It’s not too entertaining as far as RPGs go. But if you want an interactive way to find out about the life of Jesus Christ according to the Christian Bible, then Jesus Christ RPG supplies that across three bite-sized episodes.

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