This Game Teaches 30 Tricks To Make Your Action Game Feel Better

Action Game

On November 19th, the Control Conference was held in Amsterdam, and one of the speakers there was Jan Willem Nijman, also known as JW from Vlambeer. The focus of his talk was why certain games “feel” better than others, and his talk was originally titled (it is on the website, at least) “The Art of Screenshake.”

JW’s presentation is available to download online, and when playing it (yes, it’s interactive), you’ll find that original title gets scrubbed out in favor of “30 Tiny Tricks That Will Make Your Action Game Feel Better.”

After scrolling through the slides with arrow keys, you’ll then be dropped into a small, side-scrolling action game as a little guy with a gun who has a couple of zombies running at him. Here you’ll use the arrow keys to move, the up arrow or Z to jump and X to shoot. By using A,S and D, you’ll be able to scroll through the tricks that JW has to share with this interactive and educational presentation.

“…animation and sounds are added, and bullets become bigger, and the enemies move faster”

As you scroll through the tricks, they’re described in text at the bottom of the screen and added to the interactive scenario. It’s very interesting to be able to feel how the game changes from something not very exciting to a game that feels good and meaty to play, to then going completely over-the-top, but hey, this is Vlambeer we’re dealing with here.

Things start off pretty basic as animation and sounds are added, and bullets become bigger, and the enemies move faster, as well as receiving less HP so they can be killed quicker. It gets quite amusing near the end of tricks as they just become “Bigger Explosions” or “Random Explosions” and the last one, “Meaning,” and if you die during this one, then you’ll be told that you were the monster all along, which is almost like an amusing nod to Hotline Miami and games that try to guilt you for having fun with the action.

Action Game

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