Turbo Dismount Is The Most Fun I’ve Had Being Mangled By Traffic

Turbo Dismount

There have been many games that have allowed me to partake in car crashes, play with traffic and mangle my character’s fragile torso under the wheel of a bus. But none has managed to make me gawp and laugh uncontrollably quite like Turbo Dismount. The best thing? This is just a preview version.

Turbo Dismount is a sequel to Stair Dismount, but takes the broken bones and from staircases to public roads full of buzzing traffic. In the preview version that you can play for free on the Turbo Dismount website, you get the choice of a delivery van, sports car or tricycle, and then get to choose from a T-junction, a space program or the “classic” ramp jumps and brick walls.

The one I’ve had most fun with is the T-junction. Slap your dummy into a tricycle, choose a cheeky pose for them to be in, alter the direction they’ll travel in, and then hit the “Dismount” button to watch them head straight into their doom. It’s oddly satisfying, especially as you don’t directly control the vehicle. You just manage the set-up and act as an observe the rest of time.

Turbo Dismount

Still, I couldn’t believe it when my dummy was literally ripped in half when a bus and small car took the opposite ends of its body to the other sides of the road. That instant replay viewing, which comes in slow-motion, was sweet.

It sounds a bit gruesome to be watching a ragdoll get mangled by traffic, perhaps, but only those who haven’t tried Turbo Dismount would say that. There’s too much fun to be had in causing destruction but gleefully not being the one to blame. Well, mostly. Plus, the Dismount series contains no gore or gibs; it’s all about abstract visuals and the implication of what’s happening to this virtual body. You get a higher score for the more bones you break, of course.

“Turbo Dismount is a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him.”

The other two modes are little less exciting, or I think so. The classic mode gives you the choice to add all sorts of crazy ramps and obstacles to torture your poor ragdoll with. The space program is mostly just a large wall that you try to launch your ragdoll up. I feel like I’m missing something with this one as the implication is that you can somehow launch the vehicle into space, but I’m not getting anywhere near that.

Turbo Dismount is due to arrive on the App Store soon, and it may be coming to other platforms after that, but the developers aren’t promising anything. At least we have this fun preview version to play in our browsers for now!

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