Vertiginous Golf Is The Classiest Crazy Golf Game I’ve Ever Seen

Vertiginous Golf

Rarely, if ever, do I show any interest in a video game that involves playing golf. The one major exception is Metagolf, simply because it’s fun as hell, especially if you have some friends to play the local multiplayer. I might be making another exception here, too. Vertiginous Golf is crazy golf played in the sky across lavish and complex islands. It also has up to four-player local multiplayer.

I don’t know what the appeal for me is here, but perhaps it’s the teslapunk/steampunk stylings of the game that make it seem much different to the majority of golf games out there. The trailer immediately sets the game apart by playing the main menu introduction to the game, which sees you walking through the door of a small street-side shop that almost looks like a barbers from 1950s Hollywood movies. Inside, the character picks from a set of springy monitors, which act as the various parts of the game’s menu, and then sits down upon one of the seats and has some electric zapped through their brain.

I’m not sure what this brain-zapping is supposed to do, but the result seems to be that it transports this person, in mind, if not body, to the sky where they can play golf. Presuming it is their mind that is escorted to the clouds, that would explain why the golf clubs are swinging themselves in this quite magical, classy crazy golf course.

Though I could quite easily ignore the set dressings and see plainly through it all that “Vertigolf” is just like most other crazy golf games (not that there’s an abundance of them), I can’t ignore the likes a small, seemingly robotic golden hummingbird that joins you upon swinging your club.

It’s the game of golf dressed up for the extremely rich out there, except I’m just a dirty peasant accessing it virtually from my monitor. This is golf just like all the rest, except I’ve never seen it with this much lavish decoration before. Honestly, it looks like a monarch with the power of tesla technology took to creating the world’s most expensive golf course.

As you’re watching the trailer or looking at the screenshots, notice how the HUD contains the normal Power meter, but two more unusual ones too: Rewind and Rewind Forecast. I presume, given that you’re up in the clouds and could quite easily lose your ball (and you thought whacking it into a bunker was bad!), that rewinding allows you to retrieve your ball and try again. The Rewind Forecast is a little more unusual, and I can’t really guess as to what it might be, outside of showing you where your ball will end up once rewound.

But, seriously, just take a look at the patterns adorned upon the club in the shot below; this is one classy game of golf! If you want to get your hands on it, you’ll be able to by the end of the year when the beta launches for Windows and Mac at a price of $5.

Vertiginous Golf

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