Super Pokemon Eevee Edition Is Back And Bigger Than Ever!

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

Back in 2010, a Pokemon fan game called Super Pokemon Eevee Edition was started, and for a short while, there were regular development builds being released for those following the project to try out and test. However, in 2011, Super Pokemon Eevee Editon was postponed, and no further progress was made on the game. But the developers have returned after nearly two years and have very recently started work on it again!

If you want to try out the latest build of Super Pokemon Eevee Edition (SPEE), you can find it on the download page. It’s also coming to Game Jolt for ease of download. SPEE has many notable differences from standard Pokemon games. It’s built in RPGMaker 2003 and uses many of the tilesets and sprites from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal, but the developers of SPEE have touched them up a little so they’re more vibrant.

SPEE does play in the same way as other Pokemon games in general, but the story, battle system and other changes will stick out to avid fans. For a start, it’s called Eevee Edition because your starting Pokemon is an Eevee. But this is no normal Eevee. The Eevee you acquire from Professor Oak (after defeating Team Rocket, who try to steal the Eevee) has the ability to evolve and devolve on the fly, even in the middle of battles. This means you could be flying a grass type Pokemon and evolve the Eevee to Flareon, and let’s say you defeat that one, but then the trainer brings out a flying type, so then you evolve your Flareon to Jolteon to be most effective against it.

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

You use a Tetra Element to evolve your Eevee, and as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more evolutions for your Eevee as well, so essentially, you will end up with a Pokemon that could be effective against any type. Another big difference with Eevee Edition is the battle system and how you capture Pokemon. For a start, there are no Pokeballs in Eevee Edition, so you don’t capture Pokemon with them, as you do in the other games. Instead, you battle extra tough Corrupted Pokemon, which are basically bosses. When you defeat them, Corrupted Pokemon will return to their normal forms and join your party. You can also get Pokemon if they’re gifted to you from other characters.

The battle system is comparable to early Final Fantasy games, so you can have four Pokemon out at once, and they’ll share the same PP pool. Plus, rather than being turn-based, the battle system uses active-time, so you just have to wait for a bar to refill before being able to make your next move. There are also unlimited movesets.
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

“The first Pokemon you obtain is an Eevee. But it is no ordinary Eevee; it’s special, a ‘Super Eevee.’ It has the unique ability to switch between evolutionary forms, allowing you to adapt to different enemies.”

The storyline is split into distinct chapters in SPEE, and so far, there are 3.5 chapters available to play through and three gyms to visit. Each chapter has sidequests on top of the main quests, so you can have a break from what you’re doing if you wish. Another major addition in SPEE is the crafting system. You’re able to craft junk that Pokemon drop to turn it into something useful, such as recovery items or boosting equipment. There’s also an achievement system in place, so if you’re an achievement chaser/completionist, there’s a big list of achievements for you.

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition is about halfway to completion and is being regularly updated once again, so expect regular new builds to arrive and try out. The storyline is gradually coming together and is much crazier than most Pokemon games, involving system glitches, a grand restart and godlike entities called Hypervisors. If you’re a fan of Pokemon, and even if you’re not, you’ll want to be keeping an eye on this one.

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

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