Dodge Harmful Misgendering Pronouns In Social Dysphoria: The Game

Social Dysphoria The Game

It was a tweet by Superlevel that simply read, “Social Dysphoria: The Game,” with a link that sparked my interest. The obvious question was how had social dysphoria been turned into a game? I ventured on in to find a shmup, oddly enough, quite a clever, if simple one, too.

Nicole Brauer came up with Social Dysphoria: The Game, and she’s previously had a free game featured on here with The Guardian. While that was a masterfully told narrative about a boy, a giant and destruction, Social Dysphoria concerns a “cisbot” that misgenders you, calls you a “fucking faggot” or a “fucking it,” and then shoots pronoun lasers at you.

Before you make with the shooting and dodging, your first task is to pick whether you’re a girl or a boy so that the game may effectively throw the harmful pronouns at you. Of course, you’ve done nothing wrong to this cisbot. The only thing you have actually done is tell it what gender you identify as, and from there, it goes crazy and says that you don’t look like the gender you stated. That’s enough for a tirade of hate literally being shot towards you. Far too often, that’s all it takes outside of virtual worlds for the same to happen between physical bodies, unfortunately.

Social Dysphoria The Game

Social Dysphoria then plays out as a single-screen shmup, with you shooting the harmful pronouns that fall from the top of the screen that you can shoot the individual letters of. The cisbot scrolls along the top of the screen, throwing out the gender signs for the opposite gender that you had your character identify as in the beginning. You need to dodge or shoot these, as well as the pronouns. Occasionally, cisbot will fire a large laser directly down from its current position, which causes words to burst off from the point of contact; obviously, this is really damaging if you come into contact with it.

Mixed in with the harmful words are some correct pronouns too. You’ll see these as they flash as they fall down the screen, and collecting these will give you health or power-ups. You acquire score only by shooting the gender symbols or harmful pronouns, but can advance through the levels simply by surviving long enough through quick evasions.

Once you’ve managed to get through all of the levels that Social Dysphoria can throw at you, you’ll unlock an Endless Mode so you can experience hatred being thrown at you forever, if that’s what you’re really into.

Social Dysphoria The Game

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