Kickstart This: Will To Survive

Will To Survive

How far are you willing to let a game into your life? Will To Survive takes the 24-hour simulation of virtual pets like Tamagotchi and transfers it to a post-apocalyptic survival RPG. As I covered before, in Will To Survive, every time you want to exit the game, you’ll want to make sure you leave Will in a spot where he won’t be killed by the alien invaders, as well as ensuring he has enough supplies and food to last him for however long you think you’re departing.

When you come back to the game, the hours that you left will be counted and simulated, and the outcome will decide on Will’s current condition. Save games usually allow us to safely leave a game world behind, but in this case, your dedication to the game will determine a virtual character’s survival. Are you willing to make that kind of commitment? If so, I point you towards the game’s Kickstarter.

“Will to Survive is a fully real-time survival RPG set in a persistent and perpetual world full of alien invaders.”

Personally, I love the idea, but it feels a bit like a marriage; once you’ve made the step forward, you have to put the effort in or let it die. I’m quite sporadic and easily distracted, and I suspect if you are too, then we both know that committing to a game on these terms isn’t likely to happen for very long.

Fortunately, Will To Survive has an “Automatic Mode” to go along with the “Hardcore” experience, and in this, you can take a few weeks off from responsibility and leave Will to survive and defend by himself. You’ll still need to top him up with supplies, but that’s it, and if he dies, I doubt you’ll care…will you? Oh, my, this is the Milo game that Molyneux wanted to make! Well, almost. At least it has aliens.

Will To Survive

If you’re truly up for a game in which you have to ration your baked beans, water and safe-guard Will from deadly aliens as much as you can, then you’ll be the type of person who will go cross-platform with the game. One character, one cloud-synched save game, several different devices. You can transfer Will from your monitor to your mobile, or even an Ouya (if you have one), with ease. I can imagine it becoming the new thing that people will go to in mid-conversation. “Wait a minute; I’ve just got to check my Will!” And off they go, back into the post-apocalypse, scavenging ammo and bottles of water from a years-old corpse. Lovely.

As you might expect if you’ve played any other isometric survival games (*cough* Project Zomboid *cough*), in Will To Survive, there’s more to it than just fending off some aliens and ransacking buildings and bodies for supplies. You’ll need to craft, practice stealth, complete challenges to earn perks, as well as find and interact with NPCs in the game’s world and decide to bring them with you or leave them to death.

A copy of Will To Survive will set you back £10, which is about $15, and that will go towards the £20,000 being asked for on Kickstarter. At the rate the money is coming in at the moment, it SHOULD make it, providing it can keep up the flow. Let’s hope so, alien-shooting fans!

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