Team Meat Troll A “Producer” Who Wants To Make “Super Meat Boy: The Movie”

Super Meat Boy

This is just too bizarre to not share. It should also act as a warning to other indie game developers out there. Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, collectively known as Team Meat, creators of Super Meat Boy, were contacted by a movie producer, who wanted to make Super Meat Boy: The Movie, or so he says.

It’s clear that this “producer” is clueless about the world of gaming and what Team Meat are all about, and even brags about having connections in the movie industry that don’t actually exist. In fact, he even proposes that the movie be called “Super Meat Head: The Movie” because he forgot the name of the game. He’s after some money from them to produce a script for the movie, half of which is to pay him for the work he’d be doing. This seems to be the focus of his interest. Considering that he wants “buddy money” paid to him up-front and doesn’t want to, an Escrow account suggests he’d be looking to pocket the lot – $12,000, in fact.

You can imagine what kind of producer/scammer Tommy and Edmund are dealing with.

Obviously, Tommy and Edmund are not interested in making a movie with this guy, but they take him along for a ride anyway. They start off by bringing up false facts about Super Meat Boy and the characters and get the producer to acknowledge them as being true, clearly a sign that he has no clue. Then, after the guy reveals that he doesn’t know what Steam is, they tell him it’s small-time and that Direct2Drive is a huge digital distribution system for Super Meat Boy, when, in fact, it was Steam. They also decide to tell him that the Xbox One’s Kinect is capable of spying into homes, finding out credit card details and putting it all up on

A bit mean, some might say, to string this guy along for so long, but his own clueless nature and lust for money direct to him served up some karma. Indie games turning into movies – is this going to be a thing that movie producers will pursue further? I dread the thought.

Anyway, they recorded the conversation they had with him for everyone to enjoy. More importantly, let this be a warning to any developers who are approached about deals that may seem to big to be true, because they probably aren’t.

Via Reddit

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