Fez II Cancelled; Phil Fish Fed Up Of Internet Abuse

Fez II

After abuse was hurled around on Twitter earlier today, Phil Fish announced that he was cancelling Fez II, which was only revealed back in June as being in development. He then followed up his tweet with an official announcement on the Polytron website, in which it reads:

“FEZ II is cancelled.
i am done.
i take the money and i run.
this is as much as i can stomach.
this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign.
you win.”

There is no single event that led to this as Phil has been hurled abuse on the internet for years now. However, the final straw was the comments from Marcus Beer, who hosts a show called Annoyed Gamer, on GameTrailers in which he picks out Phil and Jonathan Blow for not offering their views of the Xbox One when asked by journalists. This led to an argument on Twitter that doesn’t need repeating anywhere. Needless to say, it got rather ugly, and Phil was angered enough to cancel Fez II and apparently leave game development for good.

His reasoning for this was iterated in some more tweets:

Phil Fish

Many hope that Phil will take a break from the industry for a while and come back to work on Fez II or another project. There’s no telling how final this is right now, considering that the heat is still flying around at the moment.

Phil has long been known for his honesty and opinions on various subjects, many of which are turned into headlines. This increased exponentially since Indie Game: The Movie was released last year, bringing a larger public eye on Phil. Phil is seen in the movie coping with the stress of internet commenters and pressure from requests and abuse, all of which mounts up. Other developers, such as Jonathan Blow, who is also in the movie, have dealt with abuse like this by shutting the internet out of their lives as much as possible.

Interestingly, the Special Edition of that movie was released last week, and in that, there’s an interview with Edmund McMillen, who says he’s done the same thing after the internet and commenters on there trying to spread lies about him and tar his name, as well as the other half of Team Meat, Tommy Refenes. There’s a whole section about this, and it also highlights a video that Edmund created back in 2008 in which he pretends to be an internet commenter deliberately going out to spread hatred about popular indie games and their developers for no good reason. It’s something he presumably did to cope with being on the receiving end of abuse, making a light-hearted joke of it.

It would be great if this were to stop, or at least lessen, and people would stop abusing one another on the internet and elsewhere. Today has seen the consequences of this, and trust me; there have been worse results of online abuse.

Perhaps think about what you’re typing and saying to people and what it might do to someone.

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