Here’s A Collection Of Ouya Game Download And Purchase Statistics


The Ouya launched publicly on June 25th 2013, and while it hasn’t even been a month since its release, everyone is craving sales and download stats. Fortunately, there are a number of developers who are sharing the stats they’ve received for their Ouya games thus far.

It’s quite a mixbag of statistics. We’ll admit that. There are some that cover just the launch period of the console and the game, while others give stats from March 28th, when the console was released to Kickstarter backers, up until a more recent date. Of course, with the Ouya, each game on its store must be free in some fashion, with its being up to the developer to decide whether to supply paid content and in what form. Some have tried pay-what-you-want, others a full game price purchase, and some have gone for in-game purchases.

Likewise, the numbers of download and sales vary greatly, so it’s worth looking through each of them to see the full range. In covering the stats, we’ve supplied some details on the game, how much it costs and what that gives the customer at that price, where we can.

In general, it seems that the majority of games are managing to break even and cover the costs of purchasing development kits. Only a few are seeing revenue beyond a few hundred dollars, and only some are managing that. But a number of developers have pointed out that it’s early days for the console yet. During the launch period, what seems obvious is that there were a lot of games to try out and download, so rather than make purchases, many players were skipping on to trying out the next game on their list.

Ice Rage

Ice Rage
Ice Rage

Ice Rage is a single and multiplayer ice hockey game. These stats, taken from the forums, show the game’s download and sales numbers from March 28th until July 4th. Notice the significant increase from June 25th onwards, when the Ouya launched publicly, and the decline since then.


Bombsquad is an 8-player party/fighting game in which players attempt to blow each other up in various pitches, arenas and on structures. It costs $4.99 to purchase.

“Hey, guys, wanted to throw out another point of reference: I had 120 sales yesterday on 3323 downloads for BombSquad, so about 3.6% conversion with a one-hour paywall.

Interestingly, my score server saw less than 2000 total launches yesterday, so I’m wondering if a bunch of people downloaded a ton of games, but haven’t actually tried them all yet (artificially driving conversion rates lower than they should be).”

Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest has you controlling a conga line of heroes to see how many enemies you can defeat across an endless number of stages. It was released on Ouya on July 8th. David Marsh from development studio Nimblebit told Edge the following:

“Nimble Quest’s figures from its first week on the Ouya store total 6,508 downloads, 122 purchases and $427 profit, NimbleBit’s David Marsh told us.”

Get On Top

Get On Top is a two player wrestling game and allows players one free round of the game a day. Shay Pierce, who handled the port for original developer Bennett Foddy, said the following to Gamasutra:

“Twenty-four days after launch, we’ve had about 9,700 unique downloads, which has converted to 520 sales (that’s a 5.36 percent conversion rate), earning us $728 to date (after Ouya’s 30 percent cut).”


Gunslugs is a chaotic action arcade game released on March 28th. Speaking to us, Pascal Bestebroer of developer Orange Pixel revealed the following stats:

“Since March 28th up until now, which is the Ouya’s retail launch day, Gunslugs has been downloaded 6,125 times. In that same period, the full version has been purchased 140 times. That’s just over a 2% conversion rate from playing the demo to purchasing the full game. Money-wise, that transfers to about $277.”

Donut Get

Donut Get

Donut Get was one of the launch titles for the Ouya and is a simple arcade title in which you play a cop catching donuts falling from the sky. The game is entirely free on Ouya, and these stats, pulled from this blog post, showcase the download history of Donut Get from its launch on March 28th to April 22nd.


TowerFall is a multiplayer archery combat deathmatch for up to four players and is being sold for $14.99. Speaking to Edge, developer Matt Thorson revealed that since the game’s launch on June 25th, the game had made about 2000 sales from then until about July 19th, when the article was published.


Released on Jun 26th, Bomball is two-player competitive sports game. The developer took to the forums to reveal the following about the first day of the game’s release:

“I’m at about 1750 downloads and… one sale. Yikes. Could someone else download Bombball and let me know if there’s a bug here? You should see the purchase page when you try to access the Stupid Hard AI setting.

I just published an update with a more obvious purchase option. We’ll see if that does anything.”

Organ Trail

A parody (though very serious) take on Oregon Trailer with zombies, Organ Trail has proved popular on other platforms, but Ryan Wiemeyer of developer The Men Who Wear Hats reveals the numbers aren’t so good on Ouya to Gamasutra:

“It’s sold about half of what my low-end predictions were. Last I checked we were at 501 purchases from 13,112 downloads. (a 3.8 percent attach rate.) This accounts for about 0.1 percent of our total Organ Trail sales to date (which is over 400,000.)”

Retro Racing

Retro Racing

Mr. Qwak gives us an update on his sales stats of his top-down racer Retro Racing. Writing on his blog, Mr. Qwak tells us that it took him about a week to manage the port of Retro Racing, and it’s been on the Ouya’s stores for about two weeks now. The game uses in-app purchases and has seen 13,116 downloads and 315 sales in the first 12 days.

Cosmic Conquest

Cosmic Conquest

09/07/2013: 110
08/07/2013: 120
07/07/2013: 75
06/07/2013: 98
05/07/2013: 107
04/07/2013: 169
03/07/2013: 191
02/07/2013: 221
01/07/2013: 2

Total downloads: 1093

09/07/2013: 4
08/07/2013: 2
07/07/2013: 2
06/07/2013: 5
05/07/2013: 3
04/07/2013: 2
03/07/2013: 2
02/07/2013: 1

Total sales: 21

Cosmic Conquest is a fast-paced strategy game selling for $2.99 on Ouya with a free demo. These stats, taken from the forums, cover the game’s launch week from July 2nd 2013 to July 9th 2013.

Saturday Morning RPG

On the forums, the developer of Saturday Morning RPG says the following regarding the sales and downloads of the game surrounding Ouya’s public launch:

“Yes, our downloads went from 200 on the 24th to 1,000 on the 25th. We also got four purchases on the 25th as well, which is up from one on the 24th.”

Hidden In Plain Sight

Opting for the pay-what-you-want method of selling a game, Hidden In Plain Sight can be purchased for anything between $0.00 to $49.99. The idea of the game is to blend in with NPC crowds and kill the other players trying to do the same or touch five statues to win. The sales statistics are pulled from June 26th to June 27th (just after the console’s public launch).

“It looks like about 1200-1500 downloads on both these days, but that probably also includes people upgrading from a previous version. Hard to say. HIPS is highly visible on the dashboard and has gotten a lot of good buzz, but is also multiplayer-only, which limits its market. So I have no idea how to read any of these numbers. The real takeaway here is that people are buying the game at the higher price points, which is really neat to see.”

He also added the following when speaking to Gamasutra:

“Hidden in Plain Sight has sold 1,900 units, generally around 40′ish per day. I do a “pay what you want” with a minimum price of $1. My gross sales are $4,381, which indicates an average price of a little over $2. Although I didn’t know what to expect, I’m happy with the sales numbers. I think they are better than I’d hoped for.”

$1 – 30 = $30
$3 – 19 = $57
$5 – 9 = $45
$10 – 1 = $10

$1 – 36 = $36
$3 – 19 = $57
$5 – 7 = $35
$10 – 1 = $10

Egypt Reels of Luxor

Once again on the forums, the developer of Egypt Reels of Luxor, a free casino slots game, shares their download stats after three days:

“Approx 120+ downloads per day three days in, but no sales as ‘Egypt Reels of Luxor’ is totally 100% free, though still stuck in the sandbox when I last looked, with six thumbs-ups, so either people don’t like it or they are too lazy to vote a simple thumb. D’oh!”


Red is a simple twin-stick survival shooter with cartoonish graphics and multiplayer compatibility, released on June 25th. Speaking to Edge, co-founder of developer Knife Media, Jack Shiels, revealed the following:

“We broke even within two-and-a-half weeks, whilst sales are currently sitting at just below 400.”

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