Co-Operatively Try To Escape A Sinking Cruise Liner In SOS: Ship Of Sacrifice

SOS: Ship of Sacrifice

With the further spread of online interactions and the internet into the lives of more and more people, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been a tidal wave of games making use of online interactivity between players by being designed entirely around this. And the games that do make use of online play already seem to typical and without imagination, with the exception of Journey and Dark Souls, to name the usual examples.

But SOS: Ship of Sacrifice strikes me as being a little bit different to a lot of other online games.

For a start, it’s a game designed around online co-op. We’re not speaking a single-player game with co-op slapped on top. This is an online co-op-only adventure game. I know; I know. I’m probably being a little over-dramatic, considering this is nothing ground-breaking, but could I just add that you’re trying to escape a sinking cruise liner with your online partner? Is that not extremely appealing and exciting?

And yes, I know what you’re thinking. I suppose you could pretend you’re Jack and Rose trying to escape the Titanic if you REALLY wish…

SOS: Ship of Sacrifice

Ship of Sacrifice takes influence from two distinct genres: adventure and RPG. The visuals are an attempt to emulate the art style of Mother 3 and EarthBound, as you can see. I love that flat look of the characters in a 3D world, probably more than I should. Regarding the gameplay, expect less of an RPG experience and more of a point-and-click adventure. Is that groaning I hear? Stop it, you! What the developers mean by that is you’ll need to explore the ship and find items and interact with other characters in order to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goal. That’s not so bad, is it?

“Ship of Sacrifice is an online co-op adventure game with an engaging story that begins with the panic of a ship-borne infection.”

But, ah, there’s more to Ship of Sacrifice than just the escape of a sinking ship. There’s a mystery at hand here, and I think the title might have something to do with it. As you venture around the cruise, desperately looking for a safe way off, you’ll also be lured into discovering the truth about why it’s sinking in the first place. An accident? My arse, there’s something fishy going on here, and it’s not the waters rising up from beneath. In fact, there’s word of an infection being spread onboard too; great, because you need more things trying kill you.

I love everything about Ship of Sacrifice, from the co-operative play to the mysterious plot, and let’s not forget that you can pick any gender you like, so it’s queer-positive! The game is up on Kickstarter and has just two weeks left to reach its goal of $40,000. At the moment, it hasn’t even reached $3,000, so I hope that it turns around in the coming days.

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