Grab Your Mouse And Charge Into Lifeless: Echro

Lifeless Echro

With my mouse, I point and I click. HUAGH! That’s my “effort noise.” Not enough games run on mouse-only, and Echro One does just that, so I can sip on my tea and charge at weird looking underground hedgehogs with a stick. The screen shakes, and the noises thud to ensure that every one of my connecting blows tastes a little like brutal victory. There’s power in those fingers of mine, I’m telling you.

With a left click, I can charge forward to attack, while a right click causes me to shuffle backwards with a couple seconds of invulnerability. All that’s left to do is aim with the mouse. That’s the controls, plain and simple, and I’m still impressed by these minimal control designs that make use of depth by giving each move many different functions within the world. Of course, it also provides a challenge because to move in Echro One, you have to charge forward, and each time you do so, you have to wait for a cool-down before attacking/moving again. It has the effect of making the game feel turn-based when it isn’t.

Developer Cellusious describes Echro One as an “action/roguelike/rpg/strategy/charging/missile-shooting game,” which means that there are things to kill, and you’re going to do it. So go download it from here if you want to try it out.

Lifeless Echro

As far as I know, the game is a single brown room with a bunch of small enemies and a larger one off to the far-right at the moment. But then, I haven’t beaten the big momma at the end yet, so maybe there is more. Hopefully, I haven’t been intruding on a mother and her nest of babies, because that’s what it feels like. Killing babies isn’t easy, though. To make it through them all, you’ll need to make sure you collect the items scattered around the room that offer various buffers to speed, damage and health, and if you’re lucky, you may also get some elemental missiles that will give your attacks some wider spread.

“ECHRO is feature-complete, a perfect base for doing what I loved to do when I was younger, and for the first time in over ten years, I smiled. It’s not often I can honestly say that I’m “happy” as most of the time, I’m what I’d like to call “indifferent.” After being bullied all my life, I just stopped caring about myself and became an artist to fill the space instead.”

What items you get usually dictates how well you’re going to fare in your bash through enemies. I’d say it’s also down to how well you can crowd control too, because once you get within a certain proximity of the enemies, they will then chase and attack you. So you’re best off trying to pick them off one at a time, but due to the way you charge around, it’s so very easy to collect plenty of stragglers along the way.

In the end, you’re likely to get stomped on a lot. Echro One isn’t actually complete yet; that’s important to note as Cellusious himself says that now he has a solid base to add as many “items, trinkets, shops, enemies and references” as he can. Expect more content coming to Echro One soon.

Lifeless Echro

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