Blow Things Up For Victory In Dyna Boy

Dyna Boy

Time for a bit of blowing things up merely because it’s satisfying and great to look at fiery explosions. Neutronized came out of nowhere today and released Dyna Boy for free. This is a studio with a style we’ve come to recognize, and Dyna Boy slots within it very neatly. An action-platformer, Dyna Boy lives up to his name by flinging sticks of dynamite at his problems.

Giant diamonds blocking the path? Blow it up. Gap too large to jump across? Blow up the nearby structure to create a bridge. Annoying spiky turtle pacing up and down along your path? Eat dynamite!

Dyna BoyIt takes place in a mine, by the way, which gives a reason for there being so many boxes of dynamite lying around. There are a couple of enemies to deal with down there, but nothing your dynamite can’t handle; it’s just a bit tricky to time the timed explosion with their path. Otherwise, you’ll be collecting keys to open doors and causing boxes of TNT to blow up in a domino effect to clear the way.

“Dig for precious minerals, defeat dangerous enemies and blast your way through the exit of the mysterious cave of Dyna Boy! Press arrow keys to move. Space to throw a TNT.”

I would note that it is possible to get stuck in the levels, though, as a result of having to blow your way up through the levels. A misplaced stick of dynamite can lead to having to restart the level on a few occasions.

One of the more interesting mechanics in Dyna Boy is introduced when the mines get a little dark. You can enter into these areas, but you won’t be able to see anything, so it’s very risky, and you won’t get much done. Usually, there’s a battery lying around nearby, so you can pick this up, and that gives you a limited amount of time to pass through these dark areas with the aid of your helmet lamp.

You get what you see with this one: simple, but nicely blended pixel art, mysterious music, easy-to-solve challenges and lots of explosions. For those who are interested in completing games as best they can or getting the highest score possible, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are extra gems to collect in each of the 15 levels. What more could you possible want from a straight-up action-platformer?

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