Six Sided Sanctuary Is Flipping Our Minds, Now Up For Pre-Order

Six Sided Sanctuary

And you thought you had seen everything a cube-based puzzle game had to offer! Little did we know that Six Sided Sanctuary would come along and surprise us all with a very cool set of panels with special properties for the cube to make use of. I mean, who would have predicted that? The game’s just been given a release date and is up for pre-order right now; worth it if you’re into really smart puzzle design.

Seriously, this really is quite neat. By moving your hollow cube across the grassy sky islands, you’ll find obstacles such as a pond, a high ledge or maybe a gap you need to traverse, and you’ll do so by attaching various panels to your cube. As is usual with these types of puzzle games, every single flip of the cube matters greatly as it determines which side of it lands on parts of the tiled floor. The best example of how the game works and provides challenge is seen in the trailer when turning the cube into a wooden boat.

Moving the cube across the wooden panels laid out on the floor ensures that a hollow side picks up each panel. The last flip into the water allows the cube to float on top. This is just a very basic example, though.

Six Sided Sanctuary

Six Sided Sanctuary has a variety of panels to surprise us feeble-minded players, ones that allows the cube to fly, float and stick to the walls being the limitations of the reveal so far. But within the environments, it’s possible to see further interactions to be had, like elevators, railway tracks, buttons, boxes and doors. Naturally, a game such as this comes with online leaderboards so that you can compete with others, presumably in the smallest number of moves and fastest time.

“Six Sided Sanctuary is a puzzle game where you attach panels with special properties to the sides of a cube. Depending on the orientation of the panels, they can help you reach your goal. Fly, flop and find your way through 25+ unique levels in three unique themes.”

And would you take a second to stare at the game for a little bit! There’s some really pleasant artwork that’s gone into this, particularly within the levels based on the natural looking meadow-like levels. Other environments are not quite as inviting as they’re rendered with browns, greys and blacks to depict a more urban looking setting. If video games have taught us anything over the years, it’s that they progress from the easy levels set in natural environments and reach their hardest points when machines and other man-made resources populate the surroundings. I expect Six Sided Sanctuary follows that tendency.

In total, Six Sided Sanctuary will launch with 25 levels on July 31st. However, once the game is purchased, you will receive all additional content for free, and that includes levels, bug fixes, art, mechanics and whatever else gets lugged in. One big feature planned for the future will be a level editor!

You can pre-order Six Sided Sanctuary for the discounted price of $6.99 through the Humble Store over on the official website, so get on that before it goes back up to $9.99. It’s also up on Greenlight, looking for those all-important up-votes!

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