Indie Game: The Movie – Special Edition Adds 300+ Minutes Of New Footage

Indie Game: The Movie

A year after having been released, Indie Game: The Movie is receiving a Special Edition, which adds over 300 minutes of extra footage that Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky captured during their time filming parts of the indie game scene. This has been chopped up and edited into prologues and short films that take the focus away from the handful of developers the original film was on and looks to a wider portrayal, with plenty of familiar voices and faces popping up on-screen.

This might be a fairly important add-on to the movie because the main criticism of it was that it didn’t represent the majority of indie game developers very well. I mean, it was fair crop. The focus was on Team Meat, Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish, all of whom were working with publishers to get their games on consoles. When you think of indie game developers in grander terms, only a tiny number would be able to get themselves in this position (maybe not so much these days, what with the console turnaround).

But I think Lisanne and James had good reason to narrow their focus like they did. They wanted to tell a compelling and emotional story about indie game developers. Despite the title of the film, it’s clear that when watching the film, it wasn’t supposed to be encompassing the range of lifestyles of indie developers and the varying development procedures that indie games go through. What they managed was to introduce the world of indie game development to a wider audience and had them understand some of the struggles developers might face.

Derek Yu

Anyway, this new footage seems pretty great to me, and I’m glad that they’re making use of it. I’m not sure of the range of stories that will be presented in these extra minutes, but I do know that Lisanne and James went around to a lot of different people and festivals to get their footage. It was while they were doing this that the story of the three developers they ended up following more intently seemed prominent, and so they switched their focus accordingly.

As well as stories about extra developers, there are epilogues to the original stories, so we can get to see what Team Meat, Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow ended up doing after the original film.

The Special Edition will cost $14.99 for those who don’t already own the original release and will be an additional $4.99 who do have the original Indie Game: The Movie. It will be released on July 24th, and you can pre-order the Special Edition on the official website.

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