Flash Your Boobs; Fake Orgasms; Get Paid: LUPA


TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, prostitution, murder

Some jobs are hard because you have to degrade yourself in front of ravenous eyes and tongues. These are jobs that nobody chooses. Being a prostitute, for instance, is a case of necessity; people feel forced into this position when desperate to pay rent, buy drugs or look after a child. As unpleasant as it is, prostitution is a job, and that’s why some members of French developer collective Klondike decided that they would spend a month making a game about it for the No Future contest.

To play LUPA, you’ll need to have two things: a webcam and a microphone. Getting worried yet? With these two items set up and picking up your movements and feedback, you’ll be able to start your virtual life as a prostitute on the streets. First, though, you’ll have to do some calibration. So get yourself in the outline of the titular lady and make sure to grunt loudly when prompted for a “FAKE ORGASM.”


Let’s begin, then.


Now you’re playing LUPA. You’re on the streets as cars pass by. You’re not wearing much. All the better to lure in the pervs passing by in the cars! This game’s all about making money; in fact, it’s about making $150,000 so that you can leave the dick who pimps you out and make a great escape for a better life. To do that, you’ll have to be super sexy and screw as many poor citizens, average workers, angry cops and twatty billionaires that you can. Oh, and sometimes, Richard Gere comes along for a pop too, but apparently, that’s super rare, understandably.

Now, my dears, let’s pull back our tops and flash our boobs at everyone driving past. Work it, girl!


I…er…may have got a little bit into it. Once a car stops, it’s time to put your larynx into practice and make those fake orgasm sounds. Oh, yeah, work it, baby! Depending on how well you managed to FAKE IT, you’ll be paid a tidy little sum for your services, or you might just get nothing if you’re terrible. There’s a catch to the game. If a cop comes along and you’re flashing and not able to seduce him, then you will get arrested. Busted by the cops. Your only chance to escape from this dirty city ruined. Now what? Learn to be a better whore and get back out there! You’ve got to perfect a job like this because there’s no other way for you make the money you need.

And hey, it could be worse. It’s possible you could have caught an STD, been raped or even been murdered by one of those creeps. Isn’t life pleasant?


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