Cradle Shows Us How To Put A Mechanical Girl Back Together Again


Tread carefully into the the uncanny valley with us once again as first-person exploration/puzzle game Cradle has a new gameplay trailer. This is the game set in a yurt within the Mongolian hills, in which you must explore and find the parts of a mechanical girl to restore her back to her normal function. Chloi reckons that the robot girl is a little creepy, and I think she may be right. After you’ve managed that your attention then moves over to the mysteries of the abandoned entertainment park just across from the yurt.

The last time we heard anything about Cradle was when it was Greenlit, and back then we didn’t really know much about it at all. In truth, even now we don’t know a lot more. The new gameplay trailer mainly focuses on character interactions, starting off with how you’ll pull the face and breastplate off the mechanical girl and slot in those vital innards to get her functioning again.

We also get to see another inhabitant of this land, and he’s a peculiar looking chap. Flying softly down in his colorful flying bus is an old, bearded mechanical man wearing Groucho glasses. I have no idea why he’s wearing those glasses, and that only serves to make Cradle even more mysterious. It seems he’s a character who’s in the know and talks about obtaining an item for you at a cost, though he worries about his superiors firing him for some reason.


A little further into the trailer, and we get to see something completely new about Cradle. It appears to be something resembling familiar first-person puzzle gameplay. I’m actually slightly disappointed to see this in the game. What I originally loved about Cradle was that it was peaceful and seemed entirely focused on exploration. It captures natural vistas and the creatures in it to a stunning detail with regards to its environmental design. Then we see an underground cave made up of cubes. It seems rather ill-fitting at first.

“Our goal is to deliver the player a specific emotional experience similar to what we may see in a night dream, where our life is completely different from the real one, with its own past and present. Cradle is a strange beautiful dream filled with anticipation of discovering a deep, old mystery.”

It’s hard to judge without having played the game, of course, but I hope this cube-puzzle section is just a very small part of the whole game and that it doesn’t become a recurring element. My assumption is that this area is where you find one of the parts of the mechanical girl, or you obtain something for the robot in the bus, which you exchange for something you’re after. Mind you; I’m being slightly negative about this gameplay section, but moving from natural environment to cube-based puzzles worked pretty well for InFlux.

I’ll hold my tongue for a bit longer.

As to any release information, we can’t be sure of the date as the game’s development has already steamed past the first window given, but we do know it will be released for PC, at least. I think Mac was mentioned at one point too, but I can’t find confirmation of that. Hopefully, we’ll see it release later this year, but maybe not.

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