Tune Into An Adventure With Shrug Song

Shrug Song

When game developers join up with talented artists, the result is always so ravishing. Look-ee here at Shrug Song (PC download), which is a free game made as a taster of a much bigger adventure game. The collaborative effort comes from Nifflas, of Knytt Stories fame, and Alina Constantin, who is a freelance 2D artist and animator.

Alina’s big project is Shrug Worlds, which is a colorful and magical tale about musical creatures called Shrugs, who live on a land called The Shrug. So far, Alina has created a seven-minute student animation of Shrug Worlds that you can watch here, but this pairing with Nifflas means that she can cross media thresholds, and two games are currently in production. One is called Shrug Tides and will be a platformer for mobiles, while the bigger project is Shrug Island, which is an adventure game for iPad and desktop.

So where does Shrug Song come into all of this?

Shrug Song

Shrug Song is a free mini-game that offers a taste of what’s to come with Shrug Island. You’ll play a Shrug and get to explore the water colors of this fantastically rendered fantasy island. Shrugs are able to communicate with all forms of life through song and harmony. Interestingly, to communicate with the other creatures, the Shrug that you play shapeshifts into various instruments. And not only do they communicate with biological beings in this manner, but it turns out they can shift natural structures to their will as well. You’ll be making slight use of this to progress in Shrug Song.

“Imagine a world where all life can be spoken to, where your connections have the color and forms of the seasons and sing with the voices of the nature. Imagine Shrug Worlds…”

Racking up between 5-10 minutes of gameplay, in Shrug Song, you’ll need to help out around a small portion of the island in order to open a large gate so you can fly through it. You need to obtain the right notes that opens the gate, and the three creatures that have them have their own troubles. One of them sits upon a rock and cannot reach its guitar, while another is looking to eat some grubs dangling from the roof of a cave. Lastly, the other creature will emerge from hiding once you match the song of the plants around it.

Shrug Song is relaxing with its slow pace, wonderful on the eyes with the blend of smooth animation and beautiful art work depicting the island, and the musical gameplay provides further harmony with the entire game – enough challenge to keep you interested, but not so much that you can’t enjoy the game’s aesthetic.

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