Grab Your Bunny Ears And Kill Everything In Dusty Revenge

Dusty Revenge

Imagine if Watership Down was an epic anime and featured more animals than just rabbits fighting. Okay, that’s not going to go anywhere. But Dusty Revenge does have, at its core, a violent, dual-weapon-wielding bunny. Imagine Shank, but with arguably even better art, more characters and its being slightly toned down with the gore, but up on the explosions and dusty landscapes.

Quite suddenly, and out of nowhere, Dusty Revenge has been released today over on Desura, the Mac App Store and from the developers directly for £6.99/$9.99. If you want all-out action with wonderfully expressive comic-style art in a world filled with aggressive animals, it certainly seems to look the part.

Dusty Revenge doesn’t just have a story. According to the Greenlight page, it has an “Intense Story.” I don’t know what that means. Anyway, it’s quite a familiar tale. Bunny has a lover. They share good times. Lover is killed. Bunny goes on malicious revenge backlash, destroying anything with a pulse.


Dusty Revenge

Oh, but this bunny (alright, I’ll call him Dusty now) does have some reason left within him as he comes across two unlikely allies, a bear and a dog (I think), who he can call upon when in need of their skills. Dusty often won’t need their help too often, given that he’s a lunatic. No, really, you need to see this game in action as old long-ears flies about, punching the crap out of everything and shooting the leftovers up to an explosive finish. Man, why do I want to play that so bad?!

During your “quest for blood,” you’ll be travelling across ghost towns, wastelands and even a jungle at one point, each of which, I’d add, have been drawn to something spectacular. You should know that I’m a tart for some good art, and Dusty Revenge has a very fluid and colorful looking comic look. Basically, you’re playing a game that looks like a damn Saturday morning anime, and that’s all you could ever want out of an action slog-fest.

“Revenge will consume you, but redemption will push you to your breaking point.

Play as Dusty, a duel-weapon-wielding warrior ready to face loads of outlawed criminals, dangerous creatures and the ruthless evil villain that rules them all.”

There’s a wide range of enemy types as well, it would seem, with the huge brutes being the biggest dumbasses, though they all look like suitably dumb fodder. This creature-filled world seems full of character, and considering most brawlers tend to repeat the same enemies over and over again, I’d mark that down as one of its unique strengths. The amount of expression in each gunshot, explosion and swing of a melee weapon through brash strokes of color really looks great in the still shots too, which lures me in even further.

Dusty Revenge

And when the going does get a little tough, you can call on Rondel, your bear friend, to bring in artillery support and completely trample everything with rocket launchers. I think Rondel needs to get his own game, to be honest. He looks absolutely mental. Your other support option is McCoy, the one that seems to be a dog, who is a sharpshooter and will take down enemies quietly for you – quite the opposite of Rondel’s approach.

One question I do have of Dusty Revenge is how much variation is supplied across the levels. All-out brawlers are great, but a break with some other type of gameplay can be appreciated at times. The developers say that it’s an “action-platformer,” which may imply that they make use of Dusty’s large bunny feet and get him to do some bouncing around at times, which, if managed as well as the combat seems to have been, could be that tiny break you want in between the action.

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