Here’s The Ouya’s REAL Killer App: The Amazing Frog

The Amazing Frog

Towerfall, schm-owerfall. Yeah, yeah, everyone knows that you have to play Towerfall if you own an Ouya, especially if you’re able to get some friends around. But, seriously, where’s the single-player lark-about that we all want and need? I’ll tell you: it’s a game in which you run around a Swindon car park as a giant, bi-pedal frog. Meet The Amazing Frog.

Fayju, the developers of this masterpiece, ask a simple question to get our imaginations frothing: “Do you ever gaze out of your office window and imagine that everyone walking around out there were frogs, living in a world of frogs?”

You don’t have to answer that; we already know the response. This is what Fayju were doing one day. Staring out of their office windows in the grey suburbs of Swindon, they though the view would be much improved if this world they were gazing upon were filled with frogs. So they decided to map out the area around their office and turn it into a game world. No, really, look at this comparison screenshot below, and if you need more proof, just consult that video further down. Swindon in this game world even has a Hollywood-like sign in the hills; how glamorous!

The Amazing Frog

In The Amazing Frog, you really do run around Swindon and fling this amphibian around. It’s more of a playground, really, for you to do just what you want inside it. There’s a bouncy castle, many trampolines, a blimp to try and reach, soccer balls to kick around and even traffic to play in. If there is an overarching goal, apart from just having fun, it’s to try and get the highest score by flinging the frog as far as you can through the air. There’s co-op too, so if you want to mess around with a mate and try to desperately outdo each other in frog flinging, then that is certainly possible too.

“My friend and I just spent four straight hours playing this game. It’s so amazingly bad in a good way. I would rather play this with friends than Halo. I swear you made this game straight from my soul.”

Run through fans to be propelled into the air. Shoot the frog out of a cannon. Put one frog in a wheelie bin and scoot them around. Find the crown and fight over who gets to wear it as the King of Swindon. Find hidden fruit for no reason. Try your hardest to reach the blimp at the top of the world. Push each other off the side of railings and fart when you hit the ground. Have races around the level on your own rules.

This is the potential playfulness of The Amazing Frog.

The Amazing Frong

Due to the Ouya’s being capable of rolling out lots of small updates, Fayju say that they’re constantly working on adding content and more silly things to do. There are already plenty of secrets to find and things to do, as outlined, but driving vehicles is one upcoming feature that could certainly add a lot to the game in terms of causing destruction.

The Amazing Frog reminds me a little of the appeal of the Saints Row games, I guess, if you were to take away the gangstas and the missions altogether. It’s a large playground with plenty of toys provided for you to play with as you see fit.

“I spent about an hour of that time just sliding around on my frogs back or stomach. I could not stop laughing. Please don’t fix that. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I love it.”

I’m also slightly reminded of the old Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games once you’ve unlocked free mode on the levels and can just roll about freely. Rather than skateboarding, you’re throwing a frog into a fan or blasting it out of a cannon to get as much air as you can, granted, but the appeal seems parallel. Another one of the comedic elements of The Amazing Frog are the collision glitches and bugs that you can come across. Fans of the game have actually asked for them to be kept in because they find them so amusing. It’s the same with the awkward controls and the ability to slide around on the frog’s belly endlessly, much to many players’ amusement. Aren’t imperfect games just wonderful?!

This is true gaming.

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