Fran Bow Gets Larger, Gorier And Seeks Funding To Accomodate

Fran Bow

Following up from my article on their game, Fran Bow, Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson of Kill Monday have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign over on Indiegogo so that they can hopefully find the funding necessary for them to work on it full-time and get the game finished sooner and to its full potential.

They say that they were trying to keep their struggles to themselves, but soon realized that if there’s interest in the game, then it might be worth reaching out to people to see if the response they would get would remove these woes.

“Now, we are not a studio. It’s just me and Natalia. We work from our home whenever we can, and we put a lot of our time to work on different normal jobs just to pay the bills. The game is a very personal game for Natalia, and for me, it will be a life achievement to be able to program. As it looks now, the time we put on other stuff is slowing down the development process. So we made this Indiegogo! What we try to show is our passion for the game and honesty. We want to be able to quit the normal life troubles and start working on Fran Bow full-time, because it’s something we really believe in! It’s a shot, at least…”

Fran Bow

Let’s not forget that Fran Bow is a point-and-click adventure game with some horror elements creeping in. I’m talking horses with severed heads, gore splattered over the walls and strange twins having a tea party. It’s all due to Fran Bow’s troubled mind – not surprising, considering that it emerged after her parents were brutally murdered. The game kicks off as Fran Bow is escaping the asylum for mad children that she was taken away to after her cat appears in her dreams to guide her.

You’ll be puzzling through five chapters (contained in a single game) as she travels back home while on a number of drugs, her head constantly spinning up new horrific scenarios. Bizarre sights and strange creatures will haunt you all the way as Fran Bow starts to remember her parents’ murder, which only causes her to descend further into madness. Eventually, you’ll be able to find out the person or thing responsible and maybe even seek vengeance. Who knows?!

In exchange for your generous funding, you can get copies of the game, wallpapers and customized drawings and paintings; if those are anything like the game’s Burton-esque aesthetic, then I’m sure there are plenty of fans out there after such a thing. Take a look at the trailer below to get a better idea of how Fran Bow looks and plays.

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