Finally: Cube World Demo And Paid Alpha Access Now Available

Cube World

The much anticipated open-world RPG, Cube World, has been released in the form of a demo and alpha access today to the cheer of thousands of hungry fans. It’s been a good couple of years that developer Wollay has been sharing development updates with the world, including hundreds of screenshots and lists of features upon features, all of which just led to the anticipation to reach strenuous levels.

Today, finally, he has unleashed his baby into the world, but almost immediately after, the shop had to be taken down due to being overloaded. A couple of hours after that, and the whole website crashed, much to the dismay of many. Now, Wollay is performing some major server maintenance in the hopes of having the website back up again. Once it is, you should be able to head on over to and grab either the demo or pay $19.50/ €15 for alpha access to the game.


Cube World

If you remember, we outlined the features available in the alpha not that long ago, but here’s a refresher in the form of a list for those who don’t remember:

  • Infinite, randomly generated worlds with no borders, with various different climates, including greenlands, snowlands, deserts, jungles, lava lands and oceans
  • Warrior, ranger, mage and rogue classes to choose from, each with their own specializations and infinitely progressing skill trees
  • Eight playable races: humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, lizardmen, orcs, undeads and frogmen
  • Adventure skills that can be improved upon, including climbing, swimming, diving, hang gliding and sailing
  • Weapon customization and crafting, armor crafting, jewel crafting, cooking and alchemy
  • Dungeons and overworld dungeons consisting of multiple structures and a wide variety of enemies
  • Boss monsters include troll, dark troll, cyclops, yeti, saurian, mammoth, lich, golem, ember golem, snow golem and hell demon
  • Missions that are generated every day for the player to fulfill and earn tokens and valuable items from
  • Action-based combat that includes manual aiming, active dodging, combo hits and stun attacks
  • Tame wild animals with pet food. Different types include melee, ranged, healer, tank and mount pets
  • Multiplayer is possible via private servers, LAN and online, with 2-4 player co-op

These features are all available in Cube World’s current and first alpha release, and there are many more to come, all of which are outlined on the game’s website.

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