Danger, Will Robinson! Routine’s Alpha Trailer Reminds Us That Space Is Scary


I don’t think it’s being too presumptuous to say that everyone here at Indie Statik is excited to play Lunar Software‘s upcoming sci-fi horror adventure, Routine. The earliest screenshots and teasers have painted a picture of a hostile, bleak, high-tech lunar landscape populated by nothing but yourself, some roaming automatons (not all friendly, it seems) and… maybe something else. The trailer below helps fill out the nerve-wracking picture.

I can’t help but think it looks a lot like Amnesia spliced with the better parts of Doom 3 – those rare moments where it was an atmospheric sci-fi horror game, and not a clunky shooter – all held together with some lovely graphics and quite subtle lighting effects. The faint distortion effect from your suits helmet makes everything feel just a little more claustrophobic, too. From the looks of things, the game also uses Doom 3′s interface system, allowing you to interact with screens directly. It’s a nice touch, and pretty immersive.

Routine is a first-person horror exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base. Your job is to find enough data to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone stationed on the Lunar Research Station.

Other than the scattered handful of media releases and teasers so far, not much concrete is known about Routine yet, other than what we can observe with our own eyes. Facts like “guns piss off robots” and “there’s something in the sewage system that hates your legs.” It’ll be interesting to see how the touted non-linear narrative and perma-death systems work out in the final product, too. We’ll be trying to pick the developers brains for whatever information we can over the coming months. As always, keep an eye on Indie Statik for more news as it filters out.

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