This Puppet Show Is About The Frustrations Of Making A PC Game During The Mobile/Social Game Craze

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Tim Keenan is totally crazy. It’s alright; I tell him this quite often, and I think he acknowledges it as potentially being true (it is). To further prove my point, he’s decided to make a video in which he performs a quick puppet show using Gizmo and Storm Shadow to express how frustrating it can be making a PC game when everyone around you is caught up in the craze of mobile and social games.

The conversation is one that I’m sure many developers are familiar with. You’re explaining what you’re working on to a friend, and then they start to reject your ideas and decide to inform you that a better idea might be to try to make the next [HUGE HIT] game so you can make lots of money. Wouldn’t that be grand?!

Tim explained his thinking on the subject a little when in conversation with other game developers on Reddit surrounding his video:

“Yeah, I feel that in any outward/consumer facing industry like entertainment you’re going to get a lot of people giving their two cents since they have experienced the medium and feel their input is valid. The good news is they’re usually just trying to help, and occasionally do. The bad news is they don’t understand that being in the field 24/7, you’ve already heard what they’re saying, and it’s not helping.

But then you play with figures of ninjas and Gizmo gumball holders and feel better :)”

Tim has always tried to be creative when producing video content, particularly when doing his development logs for A Virus Named Tom previously. He’s a creative (and also crazy), so he likes to try something different out in everything he does, as he told us in the podcast a while back. This “puppet show” is his way of dealing with frustrations, and it seems that many others have connected with the sentiment.

Due to the popularity of this video, Tim would like to do more of these puppet shows and says that the next viable topic is probably the kind of conversation you have as a developer when trying to deal with publishers or console manufacturers. Stay tuned!

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