Soul Saga Is A Love Letter To PS1-Era JRPGs Being Made By One Guy

Soul Saga

“I’ve always wanted to see what a PS1 RPG with modern technology could do. Seems so weird that whole aesthetic is pretty much abandoned.”

That’s what Colin said when first seeing Disastercake’s Soul Saga up on Kickstarter. Meanwhile, I was freaking out about the Toki, which are a “nomadic race of adorable rabbit-people” who just so happen to also be some of most fearsome warriors in the game’s world. I can’t help it.

Soul Saga is a love letter to PS1-era JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Suikoden and Persona. If you’re familiar with those games, then you’ll know what to expect from Soul Saga. For those who aren’t in the know, these are epic, world-saving stories in which you’re drawn heavily into the characters, who are rendered with an anime-style look, and there’s also turn-based combat and exploration to be had across a vast world of demons, monsters and great treasures. Many JRPGs are considered classics for their storytelling and the huge journey they take you on; they tend to stick with you for a long time.

Soul Saga

Soul Saga is an attempt to tap back into these kinds of games and provide a modern experience of the same style. The story is one that resonates with the fantastical world’s end plot. The planet upon which Soul Saga is set, Oterra, was corrupted by an ancient cataclysm that saw an evil Ink turn all of the inhabitants on the surface to bad deeds. The Philosopher was a savior who tried their hardest to prevent the Ink from spreading, but it was too late, and they ended up raising the city of Medonia into the sky to keep what was left of the population safe, with the Tempest Reef providing a barrier between Medonia and the surface.

“Each of the main characters in Soul Saga has a unique energy resource system that functions in different ways. This helps add a bit more dynamic game play than only using one universal energy system.”

Playing as Mithos 300 years after these events, you attempt to search for Cloud’s End, which is believed to be a ship that allows people to travel through the Tempest Reef and to the surface below. It’s a necessary trip as the islands of Medonia are dying and starting to fall from the sky, and the hope is that a cure can be found by travelling to the surface of Oterra. This is where the game lifts off, and you get a chance to embark on an epic journey using alchemical powers and conversing with fellow inventors, robots and those cute Toki people too, of course. Gameplay will consist mainly of environmental puzzles and turn-based combat as you crawl through dungeons and across scenic pastures, fighting challenging foes and discovering treasures along the way.

Soul Saga will be released episodically, so the full story will require an investment across a stretched period of time. But it does mean that the developers can push the game out quicker, though in chunks, so you’ll enjoy the benefits of backing it on Kickstarter sooner. Strangely enough, Soul Saga is being made by just one guy, who hires freelance artists to help out, but otherwise one guy. Mike Gale has been working on it for years and playing all of the necessary roles. Soul Saga is up on Greenlight as well, so if you’re liking what you see, then help out by offering an up-vote over there too.

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