Swill Out Your Grotesque Sense Of Dread In Dungeon Lovers DX

Dungeon Lovers DX

Look at all of that concrete, brick and mortar around you. Euch, all that grey sludge hardened into a form that we exist in and attempt to cover up with chemical paints, manufactured paper, underfoot fluff and wooden protrusions for extra storage. Face it; if it weren’t for the windows and lack of shackles, you’d be in an overground dungeon that you’ve been given the grace to decorate with your own perception of what is pleasant.

But, oh, how you love this dungeon of yours and keep all of your worldly jewels and media appliances safely in place and out of reach of the foul creatures that roam the streets. You better concentrate all of your agony and life-torture so that it shouldn’t go to waste, and you can do that by playing Dungeon Lovers DX in your browser (recommended: bring a cat to hug).

With over 10 levels of Pure Dungeon to explore, the lingering sense of decay will permeate everything you encounter long after you stop playing. Indulge yourself; these grotesque forms are what you’ve always wanted. After all, isn’t it what you’ve always dreamed of?

Dungeon Lovers DXIf you’ve played Dungeon Lovers DX already, or even if you’re yet to do so, I highly recommend reading this supreme guide that will tell you of all its secrets. My favorite part is the bestiary by far. If you should read about the creatures you’ll find down in the dungeons, and why they’re in such a grim place, then you’ll gain a better understanding of each of the screens you venture through. You’ll get to know these characters and their peculiar make-up, such as Vomiting Val and Bone Hilda. Reading the guide will also let you in on all of the secrets and Easter eggs available only to the most hardcore fans.

The experience of crawling through these dungeons is as slick as spilling through a vat of hot tar that’s been poured over a concrete floor due to a fatal stabbing offered by a Vorpal Sword, Power +9.

You’ll gobble chests that might contain treasure, sneak past Yelling Head and finally come to a resting place where you can dream and dissipate into the dreadful abyss surrounded by ferocious chanting skulls. Experience Dungeon Lovers DX today!

[If it wasn't obvious, this game is a fantastic parody of dungeon crawlers, but also a very serious take on the dread of these game spaces and the tales of the beasts that are trapped within.]

Dungeon Lovers DX

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