Coming Home: Spelunky HD Is Coming To PC, PS3 And PS Vita This Summer


Spelunky was originally released as freeware for the PC back in 2008, and it picked up a lot of recognition for its blend of roguelike elements with the platformer genre. It was tough, but always fair, and discovering all of the secrets hidden away inside the procedurally generated levels offered a lot of replayability. Since then, it has been re-hauled for the Xbox 360 and was released in the summer of 2012 exclusively on that platform, and even picked up an Excellence In Design Award at IGF 2012.

That Xbox 360 exclusivity seems destined to only last for about a year, though, as it was announced a couple of months ago that the HD version of Spelunky would be coming to PS3 and PS Vita. Now, it has become apparent that the much sought-after PC version of the HD release of Spelunky will also be delivered this summer, as revealed on the Mossmouth website. It will release on Steam and GOG initially, being followed up by a Humble Store release so you can buy it directly from the developer.

Spelunky HD

The updated HD version of Spelunky, that will come at a price this time around, adds improved graphics and music, extra enemies, ten extra places to visit, new items, more unlockable characters, leaderboards, a journal and the controls were tightened up, with the physics engine seeing some refinements too. Another add-on was the local multiplayer, which meant you could team up with three other players and enjoy the sofa gaming experience. Presumably, all of these features will also make it into the PC version of the game.

I’d imagine that the PC version of Spelunky HD will also see some refinements to the original PC controls. Hopefully, you’ll be able to map the keys to your preference. Another aspect I’d hope to see is the local multiplayer supporting any combination of gamepad and keyboard set-up too.

If you really can’t wait for any longer to play some more Spelunky on your PC, then you can always check out Spelunky Classic. Below is the trailer for the XBLA version of Spelunky.

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