Ghetto Blaster: S.W.A.G.


Super Wreckless Awesome Gangsta. Don’t you forget it! That is I, and that is you, and together we shall wreck this neighborhood with our very own ghetto blaster in S.W.A.G. BLEH! We need some gangsta rap for this kind of game. Um, I know gangsta music; sure I do. On second thoughts, best to ask someone else. Hey, uh, Rob of RetroRemakes knows lots about the 90s, probably, so surely he can recommend some good gangsta rap. Ah, here we go; he’s given us this! Oh…oh, um. Is this gangsta rap? That’ll do. Now let’s rap about S.W.A.G. to these ludicrous beats.

Yeah, I’m from the hood and I have bullets, but not from a gun.

Better watch out because I’ll displace you with a silly pun.

It’s time to clean up these streets. Gonna grab me a ghetto blaster,

And with it I’ll chase you down these gutters so you better run faster.

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Those West Coast rappers think they’ve got the right to be here,

But what they don’t realize is that I’m an expert in making people disappear.

They’ll charge, swing bats and probably shoot at me behind bandanas,

Hear, hear, are you witnessing this? My rap is goin’ bananas.


Now while I come to a close, please be generous, no, not to me!

The students making this game are looking for Facebook likes, you see.

Hits Playtime is a French game making competition they entered,

And afterwards they’ll be releasing the prototype so don’t be so self-centered.

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