Screenshot Scrutiny – 1st June 2013

Screenshot Scrutiny

Something rather beautiful in the game development community is Screenshot Saturday. Developers simply take a screenshot of what they’re working on, and then tweet it with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag, and it immediately appears on the website. It’s like magic, or something. In Screenshot Scrutiny, we select some of the more intriguing screenshots and delve into the information they hold!


Don’t be fooled by this look! Though it does look like a picture of a drawing on some paper, this is actually an in-game screenshot of Jon Properbostin‘s upcoming iPad game, Traction. No details of what the gameplay is at the moment, but poking around his blog a little has led me to believe that it’s almost like a Waldo type of game. Look at this big contraption from afar and you’ll notice there are lots of tiny details. I think the idea is that there’s some minuscule issue within the system somewhere, and it’s your job to hunt it out by zooming right in on it. I could be completely wrong, but that sounds like a pretty neat game idea to me in any case, and would certainly fit what Jon has shown of Traction so far.

GoD Factory: Wingmen

Following up their action side-scrolling adventure, Nine Dots Studio are hard at work on a multiplayer space combat simulator that is currently on Kickstarter and could do with a boost. Teams of four face off against each other in a bid to destroy the other Carrier while defending their own. Before that can even begin, however, each player must construct their own ship from the parts they have and hope to make something that can fly, shoot and defend effectively. As the battles commence, players will undoubtedly lose ship parts and gradually strip the Carriers, which takes away the abilities that those parts previously granted.

Looking at some of the ship designs, I can see plenty of non-standard shapes and ideas there alone. In fact, some of the ships look like winged celestial bodies, and I’m glad to see a game that doesn’t default to the standard space ship simulator look.

Ego Sol

Ego Sol

Can we all just shout at bignic? Let’s just chant the word “YES!” in his direction and hope that he gets the message. Ego Sol looks fascination already. It seems you play a crow in a grey sky (maybe it’s space), potentially shooting other crows. What your projectiles are, I have no clue. But a shmup that’s a little different to everything else is right up my street. Though, saying that, if working on this detracts from work on A Shepard In Dark Times, then I’m not such a huge supporter. Shepard just has way too much potential.

Depth Check

Oh, how did I know that this screenshot would be Loren Bednar’s just upon glancing at it? To say that I’m enamoured with bright, bold, multiple colors would be putting it lightly. Loren knows this and constantly supplies me with regular screens and videos of current work-in-progress Depth Check. Don’t ask me what the game is about or what you do in it. Well, I do know that you descend, and colors and sounds increase, and everything just gets so intense that I want my head to explode with joy….

Before The World Ends: I Will Build A Castle With Trash

Dunno. Don’t care. Love the title. Put it inside me.

Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds

Apparently, I should have heard about this before now, but somehow, this point-and-click pulp mystery managed to evade me. These damn ghosts! And there’s an alpha demo to download as well. Better get on that, people. I have a description here that tells of what you’ll be getting involved in:

“n Jack Haunt, you will unravel the house’s ghastly tale, discover whodunit, raise the dead, find your remains and live out the fantasy of being a dime-store novel detective. And if you can’t find your body before the sun goes down? Then it’s lights out for good for ol’ Jack the Private Investigator.”

Sets And Settings In-Dev

Ooo, evil emblems are great in games. It’s wonderful when you’re just casually faffing about inside a horizontal game world, or even a full-3D visualization, and SUDDENLY, out pops an ominous symbol that’s been watching you the whole time. How do you react to a thing like that? The worrying thing is that you then go back over old ground and notice that it WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME. This accursed symbol knows all of your secrets and vanities inside this game. You’re its slave now.

Or it could just be a cool recurring motif that spikes play curiosity and is eventually tied up to the big threat of the land. As to what this Sets and Settings game is, I can find no scrap of evidence of a name or gameplay idea, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


Robert Aronsson provides a blast from the past here! Though the tweet may suggest that Sidestep was made in the stylings of a 1999 fixed-camera-angles survival-horror game, it’s much more than just style. It actually WAS originally created back in between 1999-2001, as this tweet reveals. I can’t find details of what happened to it, but I can only presume that it didn’t come to light, and now Robert has picked it back up again and will hopefully be looking for a release this time around. It’s certainly more viable these days. What a great story that would make!

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