Escape Goat 2 Shows Off Its New Magical Visuals With A Trailer

Escape Goat 2

A long time ago, in a goathood far, far away, a game called Escape Goat was released on to XBLIG and was praised with a chorus of bleats to the high heavens. Later, it would also be released onto the Personal Computer and finally be more widely recognized for being the ingenious and magical puzzle platformer that it truly is. Not so long ago, we gave you a very special announcement as Escape Goat 2 was discovered to be in-the-making, and that caused all sorts of celebrations to play out.

Now, a few months further down the road and what do we have? It’s a trailer, of course, and the very first one that the game has had. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is time for you to roll up to see the magnificent purple goat and its magic hat-wearing mouse friend. Aren’t you excited?! Are you not absolutely enthralled with glee?! You should be; oh, yes, you really should!

Escape Goat 2

What you’ll be able to witness in full and for the first time, unless you managed to catch the demo at a convention recently, is Randy O’Connor’s sumptuous 2D artwork, which immediately sets the game at a higher visual quality than the previous title. I’ve seen a couple of people lament the original game’s art style, but that’s such a needless stance to take. Instead, embrace this art for its improvements in boldness, color and style.

And anyway, let’s not bring negativity to a game that sticks to its roots in the form of a single-screen puzzle platformer. As with the first game, Escape Goat 2 has you playing as the purple goat as they headbutt their way through the prison it was shunned into for using witchcraft, and you aid in its escape and ensure to make good use of your mouse friend to activate out of reach switches. The hat that the mouse wears is known to us as being able to teleport it back to the goat or switch positions if you’d like. But in this sequel there will be different hats with different powers to bring more variety and new challenges to the puzzles, as you should hope.

With this new trailer there’s still no indication of a release date outside of “2013,” so keep gnawing away at your fingernails and distract yourself with the gameplay.

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