Perfect Stride Is A First-Person “Maximalist Skater” From The Developers Of Zineth

Perfect Stride

What if – no, stick with me – what if…Tony Hawk never performed the 900 back in 1999? The world would have been different than it is now. Maybe not that different, but a noticeable change in the way things be in this day and age would take place. I have no idea what relevance this has to Perfect Stride, other than it poses that question at the beginning of the trailer and both involve skateboarding.

So listen up! Perfect Stride is probably better than the Tony Hawk brand of skateboarding games. I’m sorry I just ruined your childhood. I’d do it again. Hear me out; this is a skateboarding game played in first-person that’s inspired by old-school twitch shooter controls and related exploits. So yes, we’re talking about “Quake jumping, Tribes skiing, CS surfing,” you hear? It’s designed to be that kind of experience, but based around a psychedelic skate park that only the developers of Zineth could provide.

They call it a “maximalist skater,” which you can presume to mean it’s packed full of everything and it’s all pumped up to hyperbolic levels.

Perfect Stride

You may think that the idea is to take those old-school controls and make them easy to use so that you get the sense that you’re a pro skater. Nope. Arcane Kids state that the controls are deliberately hard because they like it like that. So don’t expect to be pushing forward and just rolling on down the halfpipe. It seems that we’ll need to get accustomed to the way you get a good slide going, and then (and only then) will we be able to pull out a cigarette and smoke it as we roll. I’m not even joking about that bit. You can actually do that in the game.

If you loved Zineth for its wacky and colorful environments that hid pockets of secret areas navigable only by those who had learned the ways of the game, then I think you’ll be treated to a similar tasting snack in Perfect Stride. You’ll see fresh, funky colors coating the geometry in every direction, and skating upside down along ceilings is a definite must-do. You’ll be setting out to collect rainbow-infused diamonds scattered across the landscape, and if you muck up a move, then you can rewind time slightly and try it again.

By the looks of it, you’ll also be near-as-dammit able to fly should you get to grips with the skating mechanics in Perfect Stride. But you won’t get a chance to play the early alpha version that’s soon to be released for Windows and Mac unless you backed the LA Game Space Kickstarter. However, don’t fret too much, as the website suggests that you’ll be able to pony up the dough if you’d like to play the alpha version and didn’t contribute towards the Kickstarter. Not all is lost!

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