Ludum Dare 26 Results Are In! Check Out The Winners


After three weeks, the votes have been counted and the winners of Ludum Dare 26 have been announced! But oh, don’t think you’re not a winner too; everyone who made a game for Ludum Dare is a winner. And don’t you forget it!

As vigilant as we tried to be here at Statik, we didn’t manage to cover all of those voted at the top in our roundup articles. To be fair, there were 2346 games made for this latest Ludum Dare, and so that’s probably to be expected. If you didn’t know, the them of LD 26 was “minimalism,” and that caused a lot of developers to moan for a while. But having looked at the results, I’d say that this has been one of the most interesting Ludum Dares yet, with a fantastic range of ideas, and most of them managing to even fit in with the theme.

The games that were made for Ludum Dare are judged on Innovation, Theme (adherence to it), Coolness, Graphics, Mood, Humor, Fun and Audio, and then some complicated maths are done to then give them an overall score. As well as having the top games for the compo and the jam, the top 25 for each category is also listed, but we’ll just be focusing on the top 5 of the overall ones. The links are there for you to have a look at the other results, though.

So let’s take a look at those winners (though you’re all winners). First up, we have the compo results, which is the 48-hour, single-person, make-a-game-from-scratch rules:



“MONO is an art-inspired game. You control an eye through a series of levels, which feature puzzle and skill based elements.”

2. You Must Escape

You Must Escape

“You awake in complete darkness. You have no memory of who you are or how you got there. You know only one thing: you must escape.”

3. Minimalismism


“My take on the Minimalism theme was to create a platformer consisting of a single screen. As you progress, the environment shifts providing new obstacles.”



“I started by recording music, and this is where the game ended up. Light on actual gaming and more atmospheric. Needless to say, I was pretty much adrift when it came to this theme.”

4. Undercolor Agents

Undercolor Agents

“Undercolor Agents is an arena shooter about an elite group of super secret Agents, dealing with a Hue invasion that is going to threaten their little desaturated world. They remove unauthorized colors with force, extreme force.”

So there we have the games that were voted into the top 5 of the compo. Now we move onto the jam results, which is a little more relaxed on the rules and gives developers a bit more freedom. They have 72 hours to create a game, can have teams and can reuse assets they have from other projects. Here’s the top 5:

1. Leaf Me Alone

Leaf Me Alone

“A “minimalist” metroidvania (if there is such a thing). We tried to focus on the feel of the world and the ambience to make it seem like a nice place to wander around.”

2. Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching

“We tried to approach Minimalism trough gameplay. Isolated on a single stage, with a few a possible actions, you must endure trough a 40-day survival until the Sgt. Burden’s crew can be rescued. Enjoy the puzzle and stay alive!”

3. Potato Dungeon

Potato Dungeon

“Potato dungeon is a sidescroller with a very minimalistic combat system. You have a sword, which you control by pointing it with your mouse.”

4. Mustache Armies

Mustache Armies

“Lead your soldiers to the victory !
Crush your enemies with your mustache-wearing soldiers, heavy gunners, grenadiers and NINJAS KILLING MACHINES, BAZOOKA SOLDIERS (!), TANKS (!!), HELICOPTERS FROM HELL (!!!) AND AWESOME ROBOTS OF AWESOMENESS!! Erm…”



“RUST: a Wolfenstein 3D style FPS. The look of the environments and objects were designed to use few colours to keep with the theme, each level having a different primary colour “

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