The Night Of The Rabbit Emerges From A Hat On May 29th

The Night Of The Rabbit

And just like the old magician’s trick of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, Daedalic’s next point-and-click adventure, The Night of the Rabbit, is given a release date and a new trailer. I haven’t said a word about The Night of the Rabbit since January, but considering it’s going to be released on Windows and Mac on May 29th, now seems as good a time as ever.

You should be familiar with Daedalic by now. They’re a German studio who concentrate on releasing point-and-click adventure games with a sense of humor, plenty of fantasy and a most gorgeous hand-drawn art style. They’ve stuck to the old school roots of the genre, and I’m very glad that they remain to those values. Up until now, they’ve released a number of games, all of which have pretty good, but there’s always something about them that brings them down a little for me, which is a shame. But having since teamed up with Matt Kempke for The Night of the Rabbit, I have plenty of reason to hope that Daedalic may actually be working on what could perhaps be their best game yet. More reasons for this are outlined in my previous post.

The Night of the Rabbit

The Night of the Rabbit has a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel about it, probably due to the importance of a white rabbit in its narrative. You play as a young boy called Jerry Hazelnut, who wishes to become a magician. Unfortunately, in our reality, something like that requires a lot of skill, and it turns out it’s not REAL magic. Who knew?! But that’s when a peculiar white rabbit turns up and guides you along with young Jerry into a place called Mousewood. It’s here that animals come complete with anthropomorphic realizations. They can talk, live in little houses and even wear cute little outfits.

Mousewood is a magical place, and so with a big of hard work, it’s quite possible that he’ll be able to become a proper magician. As always with these magical lands, there’s a dark force lingering over the forest in Mousewood, and so it becomes Jerry’s quest to eradicate it. What emerges is your typical tale of a hero’s uprising, mixed in with a boy’s emergence from childhood into a more adult world. But don’t fret yourself too much; it’s never going to get that ugly. This is a light hearted tale, after all, and one that Daedalic hope will induce laughter, as well as tears.

The Night of the Rabbit

The laughter I can very much be convinced of, as Daedalic have a knack for the silly, though it can go overboard at times. Their previous series is Deponia, and the main downfall of those games were some of the obtuse puzzles and the unlikeable protagonist. With every new magical land they create, however, Daedalic seem to be getting closer to the game that will put them up the very top tiers of the adventure games developers. They are already in a way for their efforts and fantastic art work, so I just hope that the mechanics in the game are a little easier to get on with; I just can’t stand rummaging around the same areas for too long. Given that they say the puzzles will be “tricky” and involve using spells, I have to say I’m a little fearful, though.

You can see the new trailer for The Night of the Rabbit below, and as I previously said, it’s coming to Windows and Mac on May 29th. You can pre-order The Night of the Rabbit through Games Rocket for £25.49, and I would imagine that it’s coming to the likes of Steam and other digital distributors nearer to the day of release.

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