GDC 2013: A Quick Dash Around Dungeon Dashers With Andrew Sum

dungeon Dashers

And the GDC videos just keep coming! This time we’ll be talking to the marvellous Andrew Sum, who is the developer of Dungeon Dashers. If you’re questioning what Dungeon Dashers is, then it’s time to turn that around immediately! Yes, it’s another dungeon crawling fiasco, but don’t you even think about pre-judging the game on that aspect alone. For a start, Dungeon Dashers is intended as a co-operative battle between friends through your fairly typical murky depths. So yes, there are goblins, mages, bats, lich kings and dragons to battle, but in this you can do it all with up to three of your friends online!

And the other compelling aspect of the game’s design is that, despite it being turn-based, it’s actually very fast-paced. And from having played it, I am confident in saying that even those who aren’t really much of a fan of turn-based gameplay usually will be kept so pre-occupied with the action in Dungeon Dashers they’ll forget all about it. But enough of my talking at you, and let’s move onto me talking to Andrew and seeing what he has to say about this fantastic game. Oh, and you can grab a single copy or a four-pack of Dungeon Dashers for Steam over on the website (scroll to the bottom).

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