I’ve Been Inside Memory Of A Broken Dimension, And Now You Can Too


Brace yourselves for one of the most exciting and, quite frankly, extraordinary experiences you’ll probably have this year! No joking around this time – you may have played the WIP version of Memory of a Broken Dimension a few months ago and were ultimately led to disappointment, but not this time. Last night, xra decided to put the build he showcased at Novemeber’s Prince of Arcade under public scrutiny by tweeting the download links. And this version lets you inside that glitchy, ripped apart, monochromatic world in the first-person view, should you know how to get in there.

First, a little bit about Memory of a Broken Dimension for those blinking in astonishment in bewilderment. The game starts up with a terminal which isn’t exactly stable, which you then have to utilize to find some files. The idea is that you aren’t playing a character, but are yourself engaging in a fiction as if you had come across some software and were exploring how it works and what is hidden within. Once you work it out, you can actually tap into another world in the first-person view, and this is the majority of the game, though you could be stuck on the terminal for a while – that’s pretty much intentional.

The world you end up inside is fragmented. Completely. It’s mostly grey, and you’ll see glitches all around you. Your intention should be to start piecing it back together. You do this by trying to see through the streams of corrupted data, heavily distorted feedback and glaring visual break-ups and attempt to see a way forward. Should you do that, then you’ll be able to progress. This build of the game comes to an end after a number of minutes with a lovely and rather appropriate blue screen of death (so don’t be alarmed), but in the final version there will be plenty more, and something is supposed to happen if and when you piece together this world – whether that’s entirely or in part, I don’t know. The sound design, by the way, is just phenomenal – especially within the terminal.

The download links are here:

Windows: datatragedy.com/MOABD_PrinceOfArcade.zip

Mac: datatragedy.com/MOABD_PrinceOfArcade_Mac.zip

Memory of a Broken Dimension

So if you want to head on into the game without knowing anything (hopefully, you’ll have a working idea of DOS), then don’t read any more and just grab the download you need and head straight on in! Please take on board that this isn’t the final version of the game by any means, and it’s changed a fair amount since then. Consider it a beta, or something like that – the important thing is that you can finally check out how this game actually plays. The amount of work gone into this to get the outcome is just inspiring.

If you are having a few problems with the game and want to know how to get in there, then all is revealed below under the spoilers (Tip of the hat to Cory for being such a babe and working it out).

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


If you still have no idea what Memory of a Broken Dimension is about – which, to be fair, is probable because it’s hard to describe with words – then I suggest you watch the trailer below.

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