Chasm Has No Right Making Dungeon Crawling Look So Slick


There are some that may say Chasm is a game that will only appeal to those who can remember the games it takes its cues from. But those people are blind to seeing a good game on its own merits. Though, to be fair, if you look at the Steam Greenlight page for Chasm, specifically the comments, you’ll mostly see people reminiscing about “old-school” games or picking out games that were released many years ago that Chasm reminds me of. So, in a way, I guess those people are kind of right about the main appeal of the game being to those who get all retromotional about it and pouring their heart out all over their keyboard as they write about their childhood memories.

But I won’t accept the notion that Chasm doesn’t have a much grander appeal. And watching the new gameplay trailer that was released for GDC 2013 only confirms to me that the game does indeed look brilliant. But what is it? Chasm is a sidescrolling action-RPG in which you play a soldier who, upon returning home, passes through a mining town in which many of the miners have gone missing recently. The reason for that helms from their breaching of an old temple and that awakened some ancient evil, which is now enshrouding the town and won’t let anybody leave, unfortunately. So, without much of a choice, and being the hero that mummy and daddy raised you to be, you decide to head down into the shafts and take out whatever it is down there, no matter what.


“Taking equal inspiration from hack-’n’-slash dungeon crawlers and Metroidvania-style platformers, the game aims to immerse you in its 2D fantasy world full of exciting treasure, deadly enemies and abundant secrets.”

As you travel downwards, meeting many different creatures, as these fantasy dungeons tend to house, you might find solace in the fact that the citizens of the town above are ready to help you out with whatever you need. They’re a handy bunch, and you’ll need to revisit them on a number of occasions so that you can improve your chances of survival down in the depths of the mines and this temple. Being the the kind of game Chasm is, I’m guessing that they’ll also give you some quests from time to time as a form of compensation for upgrading your weapons, teaching you magic spells and offering better potions for you to use.

But, really, it’s you who has to do the brunt of the work, as is always the case. Not only are there rats, bats, goblins, trolls, demon flying eyeballs and other creatures that need slaying, but you’ll come across many traps designed to catch you off-guard, as well as dangerous spike pits and caverns to swing across should you dare. Being a hero is never easy! And one of the great things about Chasm is that it is not only going to be Metroid-like in that there will be platforming to and bosses to fight, as well as certain items to find before advancing through certain areas, but the dungeons are going to be procedurally generated too. So that means you’ll never play the same dungeons twice, and you’ll never be able to learn their many surprises!


On top of that, there will be a Normal mode and a Hardcore mode. What’s the difference? Well, it’s gargantuan actually. In Normal mode you’ll be able to actually complete the game, hopefully, whereas Hardcore comes down to scoring because there’s permadeath. In other words, you die and you restart the whole game over again. Now that is hardcore. So Chasm is definitely one for the dungeon-crawling fanatics out there, but like I said, this game looks so good that I expect most people to get excited about it. Sure, there’s pixel art, but the action looks smooth and intense, the soundtrack is compelling and the list of features only whets my appetite further. I’m ready to play this one right now, but apparently we all have to wait a while longer. Oh, well, watch the gameplay trailer below to tease yourself further.

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