Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel Is Styled Like A 1930s Cartoon, Reverses Damsel In Distress Trope

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel

Judging by my initial gasp at the screenshot above for upcoming isometric graphic adventure, Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel, I haven’t played a game that gowned the robes of 1930s black and white cartoons since my time as Mickey Mouse on the Steamboat Willie in Mickey Mania two decades ago. What a shame that this is the case! Saying that, it makes for a nice surprise to see a game looking this stylish in pre-alpha screenshots, and one that forces you to instantly zap your eyeballs to ‘FULL ATTENTION’ mode. Of course, some screenshots can’t really tell you much about the game or really supply a reasoned argument for declaring a game the best thing since sliced bread. However, those of us happy to gaze at such delights are at least granted permission to revel in art style, no?

Following up the visuals is an adventure game that we have no details on so far, at least in terms of how it will play. What does seem apparent is that you’re able to move Cherry around the environment from an isometric perspective and interact with various characters, and most likely objects within her range. But what’s a dame like her doing in this “Crazy Hotel” anyway? You may be slightly surprised, and hopefully lifted, to hear that the game is about the two lovers – Fleish and Cherry – and them trying to reunite with each other. To be more specific, the movie star Fleish the Fox actually gets kidnapped by the dastardly Mr. Mintz, and is held captive on the roof of the Hotel Hyperion. Cherry is attempting to climb to the top and rescue her lover.

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel

““Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel” is an isometric adventure where Cherry will need to save Fleish from the evil Mr. Mintz at the top of a crazy hotel.”

Considering that the first Tropes vs. Women in Video Games video was released by Anita Sarkeesian last week, it seems highly fitting to highlight the role reversal in Fleish & Cherry. Games and most other narrative forms have a tendency to place the woman as the damsel in distress, and it is the task of the male hero to then rescue her. In Crazy Hotel, it is the male character that is kidnapped due to his fame and his girlfriend Cherry, who then has to do all the hard work to retrieve her lover. As Chloi pointed out about the mod for Donkey Kong that sees Pauline rescuing Mario, it’s a “dude in distress,” as opposed to the much more common damsel.

Checking In To The Crazy Hotel

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel is set within the land of Toonville, therefore setting this up as a location in which its inhabitants are aware of their status as cartoon characters, as such. In fact, the game directly refers to Toonville as the creation of animator Walter Fritz – famous for his cartoons in this alternate realization of the 1930s. The inspiration is obvious, with developers Red Little House making reference to Max Fleischer with Fleish’s name, with other famous names, such as Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks and Friz Freleng, being paid tribute to with the game’s visual stylings and characters.

It is not the creators who are the real stars but the characters, and so, like the aforementioned artists comical and/or romantic pairings, Crazy Hotel’s Fritz creates an anthropomorphic fox movie star and his human lover to capture the audience’s imagination. Playing as Cherry in her attempt to rescue Fleish from the villain, you’ll come across many other wacky, but familiar characters throughout this eponymous hotel. One of the screenshots just released depicts a gentleman named Von Bismark in conversation with Cherry who appears to be the owner of the hotel. Quite clearly he represents Rich “Uncle” Pennybags – the top hat-wearing old man who acts as the face of the board game Monopoly – and this is made clear with the joke about having to build four houses before being able to erect the hotel. Also on display is a bi-pedal horse door man in suitable attire. There are more details to be studied within the screenshots, but you’ll find the most delight by seeking them out yourself, I’m sure

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel will apparently feature plenty more humorous dialogue from the whimsical characters, as well as supplying puzzles for you to solve in each room of the hotel, with “looney obstacles” to keep you entertained while you rack your brains. Development of Crazy Hotel is still in the early stages, and as such, there’s no sign of a release date or a mention of the platforms it is coming to (I’ve contacted the developers for more information).

UPDATE: Red Little House have got back to me and said that the game will be coming to Windows, Mac and Linux but they’re “not closing doors to other platforms” either. They also sent us this thank you picture which is just lovely!

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel

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    Looks pretty slick. Also, it’s cool to see some indie developers from my country, it’s pretty rare.

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    mid 30´s cartoons where the best cartoons ever, and a videogame about them its really interesting!!!

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    Awesome!! Love it, i’m really in love, want to see more in-game pictures!! good work

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