Cave Story Dev Announces Gero Blaster, Releases Gameplay Trailer

Gero Blaster

Out of the blue, Daisuke Amaya Pixel decided to take center stage at the debut show of BitSummit over the weekend with the announcement of Gero Blaster. Pixel, of course, is mostly known for being the developer of indie classic Cave Story, as well as a few other gems. Like the game that he’s loved for, Ger Blaster is a sidescrolling action platformer with a focus on shooting fun projectiles at odd and cute creatures wrapped up inside a sci-fi plot. So the fans of Cave Story are in the right to get excited about Gero Blaster, based on its similarities. However, at the moment, Gero Blaster has only been announced for iPhone, while other platforms are being investigated.

There is some news for the hopeful out there, or perhaps ‘cheerful speculation’ is a better term for it. Nicalis, who brought Cave Story to the Nintendo 3DS, have shown an interest in Gero Blaster, and knowing what they’re like, they’re probably already in negotiations with Pixel about porting the game to other platforms.

Gero Blaster

Here’s some factual news, though: we do know that Gero Blaster will be released in May 2013. So hurrah to that; not long to wait! And it’s been listed that the game will support the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish and Japanese. Why does that matter, you might be asking? Well, it shows that the release will probably be a global one, rather than a Japanese exclusive for a period of time, as some of Pixel’s previous games have been.

Frog Spawn

Gero Blaster

Unfortunately, there aren’t many details on Gero Blaster at the moment, but we can draw a number of summations from the gameplay trailer at least. “Gero,” by the way, is the sound a frog makes in Japan – like a “ribbit”. So that solves that mystery. Onto more important information, the protagonist frog is called Kaeru, and the plot is a familiar one. You’ll be chasing Kaeru’s feline girlfriend across a strange planet in order to win her back from her captors. It seems to happen one day when Kaeru was walking up her house with a bunch of flowers, and then, suddenly, a flying saucer descends upon that location and some aliens snatch her right before Kaeru’s nose. And so it begins…

The rest of the trailer shows at least three distinct areas to travel through on the world map, varying from the rocky terrain of the surface, to the underground sewer works, and even to a city seemingly among the clouds and bright blue skies. The visuals are rather simple and dominated by big blocks of color, as platformers of the 80s tended to have to be. What’s also apparent is that there are a number of item to obtain throughout the game, outside of extra guns. Some of these appear to be limited in number, and therefore are probably used to obtain an advantage in combat, while other items seem to be tied to a use in a particular environment, like the umbrella, for example.

The creature vary in size, shape, color and how they attack, and don’t seem to be too much of a match against the onslaught of firepower you’re able to bring towards them. That is unless they have a large shield or pop out of pipes at inopportune moments. Or perhaps they’re one of the larger bosses, in which case they’ll provide you with a decent challenge. As you strike enemies down, they leave behind small triangles that can be collected – these could be currency, or perhaps they make your gun more powerful a la cave Story. It’s hard to tell, but there may also be lives to safeguard, as suggested by the number next to Kaeru’s head in the bottom center of the HUD. Control-wise, it all looks relatively simple and functional, with big buttons at the bottom of the screen for movement, shooting and jumping.

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  • SirDavies

    So. Freaking. Sexist.

    No, bust seriously, the game looks pretty awesome. I really dig Pixel’s art style and the crazy characters. Also, a gun that shoots bubbles. I hope we get it for the PC eventually.

  • Joseph McClory

    Ah, this looks great. Although I’m sure I would prefer to play through this game on PC like I did with Cave Story, I also am in dire need of some actual games to play on my iPhone. I’m so tired of the dumbed down mobile bullshit that’s so prevalent on the App Store.

  • Wilson Miller

    I’d like to see this get ported as a homebrew title on the psp, that’s where I got my first taste of Cave Story, and it’s kinda hard for me to play it on anything else now. Looks awesome though, may have to buy it anyway! Even if it doesn’t come to anything else…