The Greenlight: Anodyne

The Greenlight

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Steam Greenlight has been all the rage these days. So many indie game developers submit their creations in hopes that they will make the cut and be handed a slice of some of that sweet digital distribution. It goes without saying that getting on a platform like Steam is a huge advantage for an indie, and it’s up to YOU to up-vote the games and make it happen. But with so many titles being submitted every day, how do you find the games that really deserve the seal of approval?

I’ve teamed up with good friend and fellow YouTuber Jesse Cox of OMFGCata to bring the world a brand new web series called “The Greenlight!” Every Saturday, Jesse and I will spotlight a game currently on Steam Greenlight that deserves to get those thumbs up.

This week Jesse and I got our old bones excited with a game that takes many of its cues from classic Zelda. I’m referring to Anodyne, of course. Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka’s student project turned full release has you playing as Young as he takes off into an adventure through multiple realms.

This is a bit of an unusual RPG/adventure, though, as it concerns musings on the state of humanity and other existential considerations. Saying that, there’s still plenty of dungeons to trek through, enemies to destroy with your trusty broom and secrets to discover.

You can download the generously lengthy demo or purchase Anodyne from its official website.

Anodyne has actually already been Greenlit, so it doesn’t require your upvotes any longer, but here’s its Greenlight page if you want to check it out otherwise.

Jared actually wrote up his impressions of Anodyne not that long ago, so I’d put you towards that article if you want to read up on the game. Here’s an extract:

“Counting all the tricks, all the secrets, all the items and all the dungeons, you could be playing this game for over a month before you unearth everything. That’s insane. And many of the better hidden secrets actually make the game harder to pin down, adding to the grasping interpretations I so desperately want to apply to Anodyne’s world.”

If you’re here to watch and not read, though, check out my Super Indie Spotlight below for my full impressions of Anodyne:

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