Bombermine: A Ridiculous MMO Version Of Bomberman


Scale is a peculiar thing. On the one hand, a huge game can be impressive on concept alone as you’re given enormous stretches of land to travel along, or loads of puzzles to solve, dungeons to explore or people to meet. On the other hand, a small game can be infinitely more interesting to investigate, precious even, as it allows the developer really focus in on getting everything the game supplies just right. Bombermine doesn’t care much for things being small as it’s a rather large MMO take on the classic gameplay of Bomberman.

Bombermine has actually been around in beta for the past year or so, but only on February 25th were the US, European and Japanese servers available for players in those territories. So, naturally, we’ve been bombing our way around this explosion-heavy browser-based world. At the moment, everything is disappointingly silent, or maybe there’s just so many bombs going off that the sound is beyond human hearing. You think I’m joking? Bombermine’s servers hold up to 1000 players, and typically a single match contains about quarter of that at one time, for now.


“Every gaming round is 20 minutes long. Player’s main goal is to place bombs in order to blow up other players and get bonuses hidden in blocks.”

Providing you can find a nickname that hasn’t already been taken, you can jump straight into Bombermine without any hassle. You might want to look up the How to Play page first, though, as there’s lots of elements that aren’t explained, and those will help you become a more dastardly opponent. Don’t expect to come out on top of one of these matches for a while, however; there’s a lot of people to compete against, after all!



Just as in Bomberman, jumping right in and getting used to Bombermine is a simple exercise. You walk around with the WSAD or arrow keys and place bombs with the Space bar. That’s your controls sorted. The problem is that you are absolutely surrounded by other players, and they’re all looking to get a frag from you. As you would expect, bombs have a timer when placed, and the fiery explosions only reach out horizontally and vertically. If you’re standing at a diagonal to a bomb, then you’re safe from it, and usually the bombs only reach out a few squares, so keeping your distance is another easy way to avoid a death.

Upon spawning, you’re given invincibility of a short period. This is fortunate, considering that many players will place a bomb right in front of you, and if you’re in an alcove, you can’t avoid it. Just wait it out; you’ll be fine. Anyway, the game becomes more interesting in this ‘mining’ aspect. By blowing up different parts of the environment, you’ll find power-ups that will give you certain advantages. This might be moving quicker, being able to plant more bombs at one time, bigger explosions or even a slightly different type of bomb. My favorite is finding a mystery box, because there’s a chance your character will be turned into another one, the best of which seems to be Nyan Cat and its colorful rainbow bombs. You might turn into Kenny from South Park or a few other variations too, and these seem to just disable you further – you can’t even place bombs as Kenny, so you have to die if you want to keep on bombing (yes, it’s a clever joke on the developer’s part).


There are more exciting finds to be had too. Bomb boxes are a favorite simply because blowing them up causes several bombs to be scattered around the entire surrounding area, and it causes quite a bit of chaos. Often you’ll see Depots, and inside are often stacks of Bomb boxes – I’ve caused a lot of terror with these. Other structures include Forts, and if you can break into there, then hopefully something great will be handed over to you. It takes quite a bit of work to get inside, though. And if you’re able to discover what “statuses” are required to enter the central Fort of Treasures, then you’ll get access to the Gold Treasure Chest, and I have no idea what’s in there!

Other fun things that occur during matches include games of soccer as a ball appears, and whoever kicks it into a net is granted a shield for a limited amount of time. Pac-man might also appear and start eating the level away gradually, and eventually the blocks start reappearing and need to be blown up again. You’ll notice on the odd occasion that there’s a HUGE explosion caused by someone – these are the lucky people with nuclear bombs. My dream is to one day be able to plant a Nyanuclear Bomb. It’s a nuclear bomb that becomes doubled in size if you’re Nyancat. It looks like this, and it’s one of the most glorious sights I’ve ever seen:

Nyanuclear Bomb

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  • solifuge

    hey, thanks for this article and turning me on to Bombermine! this is fun as hell – my best ranking at round’s end is 16th place so far with 18 kills; my next goal is to break the top 10.

  • a

    can anyone help me out, everytime i want to open the site it gives me a white screen just after the site loading, it don’t even gives me the chance to see the site. can anybody please help?